Monday, November 11, 2013

The Big News

If you are facebook friendly with me then you already know it:
We may already or we will have a little girl in the works by way of the precious gift of adoption. 

We have finished all our paperwork, thus making us "paper pregnant." The only thing we are waiting on is the home study, which we've been told is going to be sometime this month. 

God told me while doing dishes back in January that we would have a child before the end of the year. Remember?

And I was all, "Cha, right!" because my husband that I love and I were not on the same page. Which was totally God at work. Then summer happened and the heart change took place after years of answered prayers- I have heard the call to adopt for several years prior to God saying the timeline for us. But I was all blind in one eye and such and gimpy. It didn't stop me from literally dreaming of her!

It's super crazy to think that we will have another little girl before the year ends, but not in God's eyes. So we will see! 

Now, the training is done and we are working with a Godsend of an agency in the Heights in Houston. Funny story, our street's name (we just moved in Sept) it's the same name as the street where our adoption agency is!? !! !! 

Last night we visited a church to hear speakers speak on adoption and it's various forms. I was moved by the speaker from a pro-adoption, pro-life organization here in Katy, TX- Act of Life- she said that Moses is the most famous case of adoption in the Bible and who else is adopted (I thought of Esther) but she said, "Jesus." Whoa! Of course! He was adopted and raised as Joseph's own. Brilliant.

In Believer-vision, we are all adopted as God's sons and daughters. 

So here's the specifics. 
We are working with a Christian agency, known as Homes with Hope. They blow us away with their hearts full of purpose and heads full of information. 

We will adopt through CPS/DFPS here in Houston - Region 6 (greater surrounding areas of Houston)

We have requested a girl, aged 2 and under. We did this so as not to interrupt the birth order since we have an older child who is very much a, shall we say, choleric spirit (i.e. Lion if you know the animal personality traits- see Treasure Tree!) in terms of personality. 

Once we finish the home study where they come to our home and interview each of us separately, then together over dinner and such, then in our understanding, we will receive calls. 

The calls will be to come and see our daughter on paper and then our agency will submit our family to be one of 3 families (well, actually many but ultimately 3) to be chosen by CPS/DFPS. We have been rightly instructed to not bring our daughter to this process. But to have her wait to meet her sister after the 2nd pre-placement visit. Again, this is so good to know and we are thankful for our agency in helping us with this info!

We are praying for her case to be rights-terminated, as in straight adopt and not foster to adopt. With our daughter we just don't think it would be best for her to go through having a sister taken away which can happen in foster-to-adopt situations where they find a distant family member and then take the child back to place her with her family.

We are praying daily for her protection, health and well-being and for her to be guarded from any weapon formed against her.

Tonight we are going to begin taking the prayers to "Little Sister's" room where we will each pray something specific for her - Leelah suggested we pray that she would know Jesus and be saved at an early age- um best prayer yet! 

You can pray for these things too along with us if you think of our family and let us praise God for your intercession and thank you in advance!!! We all share in this journey. 

And I have to say that if you are where I was back in January, in disbelief that you and your mate will ever be on the same page or maybe you think this process is too hard- let me say- rubbish! God can do this for your family too, will you let Him help you save a little one?

Luke 1:37  For nothing is impossible with God.

Thank you for praying with us and for us. When the finalization day happens after we get her, we promise to post pictures of that glorious day so you can say, hey I prayed for that little one! 

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