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D'World: That Kingdom and It's Magic!

Hello, I'm sorry I didn't finish my posting series. I was busy fighting a Balrog in the depths of the Mines of Moria and eating Taco Bell. Why did the LOTR franchise think that Taco Bell would be a suitable marketing partner? Every time we re-watch the movies and hear the score we think of Taco Bell. Oh, I see now. Well played TB. Well played...

But really, October is the second most busy month of the year for us. I'm trying not to stress about it as I've learned that perfectionism has a hold on my heart and I'm learning to say "Oh well!" more than, "Oh cr*p!" But I did say the latter- or mouthed it rather- in front of our church assembly on Sunday. That's another story.

As is the Texas Renaissance Festival which we toured this Sunday. Oh my.

How do you intro and talk about Magic Kingdom?
I don't know.
It was magical guys. I just knew Leelah was going to be over the moon with taking pictures of the characters. So we found Marie from Aristocats as soon as we walked in and then this happened:
This was the very first pic inside Magic Kingdom. 
Can you feel the excitement?
It's not that she wasn't super happy fun excited and grateful to be there. It's just that she knows they are not real. NOT from us, from her own deductions. Plus, she doesn't really like being the center of attention, but also loves being the center of attention. Yeah, I know we don't get it either. We just try to roll with how she is bent and just let her do her. Spoiler alert: she did get into it after the 2nd character!

So we had this whole magic band miracle happen. I get a call from our agent saying, "You've been selected to try out the new magic band system..." I had NO idea what that meant, but who doesn't like being selected!? !?
"What all I have to do is bow down to Mickey 3 times a day?"
"And give blood offerings to Donald once a quarter?!"
But really, it was free for us. Although I've heard this will not be a free deal for patrons? Not sure about that. I'm guessing it will be an addable option to your magic. But let me say oh golly, we got spoiled!!!
I went online prior to the trip and signed up per their info and the box came with the bands (got to pick out the colors) and we had so much fun with them!
I'm really proud of this pic by the way. I should watermark it. Just saying.
What we did with our magic bands:
- Set up our fastpasses (You can pick up to 3 -sometimes they throw in a forth) in advance online and through an app on my phone: My Disney Experience. You could pick the schedule yourself or it would set up 3 options for you like Mad Hatter's Tea Party at 9:30, Splash Mountain at 10:30, Space Mountain at 12:00pm. You were permitted to arrive at the time listed and up until an hour: so from 9:30-10:30 you had a spot reserved. When you arrived to the ride they have these little stands with a convex circle and it has a Mickey head on them. You wave your magic band over it and it would make a fun little beep and then turn green and you just walked on through that fastpass line like a Rockefeller. Whaaaaaaat. You also have the power to change the times if they are not working for you and this and that. So we would do these advance ones and then also add more when we got there. I told you we became spoiled monsters with power and greed on this trip.
WE WAIT FOR NO ONE!!!!!! This greatly reduced our wait time. We went in August- or 'Hot'gust- and it was still very crowded.

(MONEY TIP: That mister there- $7 dollars at the Target in Orlando about 8 minutes away from our hotel. Misters at Disney, $14!! And it saved our lives.)

- We used the magic bands to add stuff to our tab (that we had budgeted for). So for instance, we were at a store and we didn't have cash, but had money in the budget to spare so we would just beep that bad boy at a register and voila, instant payment or payment at the end rather. This could be dangerous if you don't have money in the account --- do not go into debt over a pair of Mickey ears friends.
- To get into our room, they had the convex Mickey head on every door. So we just beeped it and got in. Funsies!
- To accessorize! I had to write that.

We broke up MK into 2 days. HIGHLY recommend. You just can't do this park justice otherwise. You can if you have been before and know where you want to go, but you got to sample it first (like cheesecake) to really get a feel for your faves and then come back and just hit those.

So you will see us in different clothes and that explains it. We didn't all have accidents and have to change. Although with all the sweat, it sure felt like we messed ourselves. So declasse! I'm too lazy to accent that French word.

And now, my most favorite picture of all time that I've ever taken ever. Behold, my sweetie pie and one of the greatest moments ever captured on digital space:
This is just joy right here. This was our first ride, the classic Mad Hatter Tea Party Ride. No brainer, right? I didn't think my eyes could withstand the spin, but I'm so glad I went for it and didn't have to get another lens repositioning surgery (to make 11 eye surgeries). Thank you Lord for this moment right here and for allowing me to capture it and enjoy it.

We also got to enjoy the new Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction. I say attraction and not ride, because it's an interactive deal where you get to be a part of Belle's story and see Belle herself! Leelah LOVED being what felt like the actual movie. They did such a great job on the set for this.
But when asked to be in the part- like everyone had been asked to be a particular role and you got to hold up a mask for whatever you were- Leelah declined. Oh sweetheart.
She barely went up to get a pic with Belle at the end... And that's okay!
 And we LOVED the lunch there!!! L O V E D! Leelah was over-the-moon about eating in the West Wing. You can do that separately from the attraction. It was so fun seeing the rose petals fall and when the lightning struck you got to see the picture of the Prince turn to the Beast and then back. SO cool. And the food was gooooooooooooooooooooood.

 We saw this above Belle's Castle:
I didn't get the entire message- but it said "Jesus Loves You."
And I started crying unnoticeably of course being the soft-shelled crab that I am. 

Leelah's fave ride: Space Mountain. Had no idea that would be the one, but it was. Out of all the parks. I was shocked!!! Little daredevil!

After lunch, we had an appt at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. It's a little salon for girls inside Cinderella's castle. I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!! So I did what any mom would do, force my daughter who could care less about getting gussied up to go and get gussied!
I had brought her Merida costume from home for her to change into at the salon. And then we waited (we had an appt but still waited) for about an hour to get in... iPhone 4 pic...
That's my girl.
But she did get into it like I knew she would!!!

 Did you happen to catch John's reaction in the mirror? I did and started tearing up! John, if I could marry you everyday I would. The best daddy.

So then we took this pretty princess over to meet the princesses!!!

And y'all as much as I want to continue with this... I will stop and save for later! Thanks for going on this trip with us!!

Thank you Lord for little girls and the many ways you have bent them.

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