Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obedient Bees, The Musical!

Disclaimer: the performance was precious, my pictures are atrocious! Ugh.

Leelah "sang her heart out for the Lord!" at her WAMjr (Worship, Arts, Music choir program for our church) program, Obedient Bees. It was sensational!
Come on, kids, bee costumes, a Christian re-mix of "I'm a Believer" by the Monkeys, and kazoo sound effects? Genius. But you know I'm a fan of kids' programs and kids in general- they're funny!!! Here's a post where I broke down all the types of kids and their mannerisms during programs- Christmas Programs Are Hilarious. It's now a proven theory.
Afterwards, we tore up Tutti Frutti.

Oh self-serve yogurt. You'd think I'd be afraid of your HUGE hand sanitizer pumps, but I'm not. Your sneezeguards are beautiful. Your yogurt flow reminds of me of play-doh shape making devices. So nice. OH and I do not have a big ol' tattoo on my right arm, I run into things. I've run into this little decorative letter hook thingy (it's metal and it hurts) 3 TIMES. This last time I swear I damaged tissue. Heavy on the word, "swear". I'm not a machine!! I really should learn and not have huge pokey things to run into at my house. Like doors, corners, tables, etc. Anyone know of a good bubble manufacturer for adults?!


Mindee said...

You're right. Your picture are atrocious. Just kidding. So cute! Leelah was a precious bee!

The Nichols Fam said...

Thanks Mindee! She enjoyed herself immensely. I'm glad I have a camera at all, but the point n shoot just couldn't capture what I wanted. It's cool though we video'ed it.

The Smiths said...

She is a cute little bee!