Thursday, September 5, 2013

Nichols go Nomadic!

Today marks the 35th day of living in what we have lovingly called our: Hotartment. Hotel + Apartment = Hotartment. It's our temporary dwelling until we move into our new pad (tomorrow eeeeeeeekkkk!!!).

We started out in a 350 sq ft space of family fun and other people's fish-smells. We soon decided that if we were dictators of Candlewood our first action would be to outlaw fish cooking and broccoli cooking. Come on people!!!!!
People here have lost their scents.
Pun definitely intended.
I love puns.
And popcorn.You gotta sleep like right next to that.

And then we'd have a "How to Walk like a Freaking Human and not a Mythological Giant Class." 

But all the hand claps go to our little one who slept on an air mattress we called "Phillip" because we kept having to fill it up for 20ish days straight.

So we took a trip to D'World a few weeks ago- it all seems like a magical dream- and I plan to post on that soon with pics and tips and hilarities!

Then we came back and got L the bed she deserves by moving up a floor. Some might say it was a "baller move."

It only took 3+ hours to move everything.... The first 3/4 of that time was moving cart-less. Yep. I declare that I truly did hate life during that moment.

And really y'all the Hotartment life hasn't been that bad. One of my besties said it best:
"It's like a sleepover everyday!"
Yes. It really has been.
Except there was no giggling allowed past 8 when the child was supposed to be going to sleep.

Johnicles says it's like the olden days where when the sun goes down you go to bed.
The child is one of those sensory deprivation to sleep type kids. So yeah, that's been fun.

And so we move tomorrow into our new home and I'm all like: "I GOTTA FIND A WELCOME MAT TO COMMEMORATE AND IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!!!" Mixed with random crying about the wonder of it all and such. 

Lbird is at a new school! And she loves it. I mean she goes to school with so many church pals and has already made new buds. So life is good in her world.

I'm trying my best to learn the ropes there and missing all peeps from our old school and you know I'm a little bit wacky and might be a lot to take in.

Y'all I wish there was a welcoming committee I could meet/spaz out with.

And I wish that cheese would rain down like manna from Heaven, but oh well. I probably come on way too strong for these folks.

 Let's just say I had a little miscommunication yesterday in the front office where I was trying to help provide info but was maybe being all confusing instead.
And then moms stared at me like I was a monster with low vision in glasses.
And then, like an angel from above, one of my church friends came in and gave me a hug!
It was like a UPS delivery from Jesus!!!
It totally made me tear up. Hugs work guys.

So after that nerves/sweatfilled debacle, John and I went to close on our home that has already had the address misspelled so many times we've stopped counting. (Remember this for later when I talk about more changes happening... :)

And then we nervously ate enchiladas while waiting to hear that we got "funded" from our multiple Swiss bank accounts. Oh Gringos, you do the best Tex Mex in the whole world. I have happy hand movements just thinking about it!

Then we went fridge shopping like a boss. And know what else? My main qualifier for purchasing the fridge:

THE CHEESE DRAWER. Some of you might have ascertained that I have a liking for cheese and you would be correct in that.

If you could have overheard us shopping!
John: "This looks like it would hold a lot of your cheese!"
Me: (While pulling drawer open and shut multiple times) "I don't know... You think so??" 

Oh I better leave since I got a ways to drive and get all up in that car rider line! More to come!!! The next time I type will be from our new pad!!! 

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