Monday, September 23, 2013

D'World Trip: the surprise & Pensacola, FL

This summer whilst we were abiding in "Candlewood Suits" as our daughter called it, the huz and I had a plan to surprise the kid that we had actually been devising a Disney trip since Marchish. She had no clue that we were going when we woke her up on the morning of and that moment went something like this:
We still don't know what that whole, last comment was about... She had just woken up though so....

So we got in the car and headed on down to Florida but first stopping at Acme Oyster House in Baton Rouge, LA to get some amazing
You have not truly lived on this planet until you eat this. If Jesus eats fries, and I'm pretty sure He does, He eats Boo Fries.
I eat ground turkey all year just on the off chance that we happen to pass through LA so I can get my Boo Fries on.
When I went to the restroom and came back I was actually sad that they had brought them to the table and I wasn't the first to gaze upon them.
Some say gluttony, but I say "How dare you don't talk about Boo Fries that way!"
We have a dog named Boo, her middle name, that's right- Fries.

Okay moving on, I hadn't realized that I was wearing my FTAshirt (Fightin' Texas Aggie) all up in there. Let's say that it wasn't popular with the locals as I got several stare downs. So we proceeded to roll up on the LSU campus and take a pic in full Gig 'emming style. Leelah got to learn what a prank is and well, that may haven't been the best lesson we've taught her...

From Katy to Pensacola took about 10 hrs. We stopped a lot and I regret that, but hey, road trip!
We got to Pensacola and enjoyed the strip of beach and kept yelling, "THESE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY HAAAAAVE!" People probably thought we were nuts. A true assessment.  But all we see is Galveston. No offense Galvestonians.

So here's a little photorecap of the Pensacola adventure:
(Note: the ever changing sunset. The perfect time to arrive at the beach when you aren't able to stay all day!)
(Another Note: I didn't take my ginormicon camera for this trip. Just took the ol' Rebel XS even had the kit lens on there and everything!)
(One more thing of Note: I also didn't think like a modern day mom and plan our outfits for "beach portraits" and I don't care about it. TMNT shirt and all!)

This pic at the end is the essence of my girl. I tried to get her to stand still and it couldn't be done. So finally I just went with it.
Thank you Lord for making beaches, little girls, and Boo Fries.

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