Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome to Katy, TX Bonefish Grill!

I dreamed a dream of fine dinniiiiiinggggg in Katy,
my homeland.

And unlike, Fontine, my dream came true: Bonefish Grill y'all.

Yeah, I've been blowing up Facebook about it because I've been twice.
"Look at me, I'm a flippin' dolphin, I know somethin'!"

Some might be thinking, "Does that chick like work there now and stuff?"

No, I'm not qualified enough to work there- those servers know their stuff. I will get to that later.

I'm going to speak Mom-ese for my fellow Katy/W. Houston Mamas out there so you go there asap with your girls on a good ol' fashioned GNO.
 How to get to the Cinco Ranch Location:
If you are heading on 99/Grand Parkway and you are heading towards "Fancy Walmart" in Richmond, i.e. going South, exit Cinco Ranch Blvd and head on over to La Centerra. You're gonna wanna enter in through the Starbucks/Apricot (I can't buy anything in there) Lane Store entrance and go allllll the way to the back.
Other locations- they are in it to win it in Texas now!
Webster: 19325 Gulf Freeway
Webster, TX 77598
And Willowbrook: 7877 Willow Chase Boulevard
Houston, TX 77070

Look for this... Now, this is one of my fancy pics y'all so I had to watermark it...

 There's a revolving door. Just be brave and go through it.

What to Wear:
Look, Moms. This is the perfect blend of our kind of "Sparkly shirt means dressed up." Put that fave tunic/sparkly shirt on with jeans and you will be just fine. Or not. I wore a tshirt there for the Media Review Night and was just fine.

The Service (You won't get the stinkeye here):
From the hostesses to the waitstaff, I was impressed. This was the kind of place where details are of the most importance. To sum up the servers in 2 words: Kind and Knowledgeable.
Definitely polished, but not in an oddly rehearsed way more like a "I'm a proud I work at such a fine establishment" way.
Now, us Moms as fellow CFA guests appreciate a kind waitstaff!

It Feels Like:
I'm all about the "feel" of a place.
This place with all its touches is lovely. It is a chain only the definition of multiple locations from Florida to Texas- but wait- I felt that is was much more like a solo-chef situation. It reminded me of my favorite restaurant in aTm.

The Price:
I am putting this before I tell about the food. Now look here, I'm a self-proclaimed Dave Ramsey girl and showed a few other Media Reviewers my envelopes. I'm pretty sure it embarrassed them and maybe me a little if I think too much more about it.
This can be a budget friendly spot- but you need to budget for it. You and the husrshband can get away with a great meal for about $45 if you go big. Or you could come during the happy hour- Sun. - Thurs. 4-6:30 and guess what- THEY HAVE FOOD THEN!!!

I love that trick by the way. Forget the drinking, I'm not into that anyway. I'm into the cheaper Happy Hour Food options!!! Cheaper food when you go there!!! So maybe get away with a meal under $20 instead- how does that sound!?

The Food:
I can vouch for the following:
Wagyu Beef & Ginger Dumplings

Saucy Shrimp- this one really surprised me in its sweet taste!
Pecan Parmesan Crusted Rainbow Trout

Chicken Marsala (Y'all don't even understand. This is my new favorite. It haunts my soul. I must go back...)
Dorado (Mahi Mahi) You get to choose a "signature sauce" LEMON BUTTER RIGHT NOW. This is my new best friend. 
But I hear the Chimichurri sauce was pretty awesome too...

What I'm Gonna Try Next:
The Coconut Shrimp with Jasmine Rice! And their brunch!

If you wanna know more, I implore you to check out their website. If you stop in, please ask for Andrew, the manager. I know he'd be more than happy to say hi. Their Joint Venture Partner even brought us our food, cleared our table and checked on us- I told you they were nice :).

Be warned, you will forget those other fishy chains once you come here. I have!

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