Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nerds, Dorks, & The Hobbit Cafe!

We are attempting to Nerdify our child.
Nerds are so hot right now, but I've always been fond of them.
John is a Nerd.
I love him.
Leelah has the makings of what appears to be a fine Nerd one day.

Me- well, I'm a Dork. There is a difference...

Let me break it down for you in Gillian's Definitions/Qualifiers: (Y'all know you love my lists!)

  • Intelligent, can amass a large repetoire of facts of miscellaneous trivia, obscure topics ranging from machinery to animal heart sizes to movie/toy/book specifications. 
  • Very loyal to what they love- can you say "Firefly?" 
  • Has hobbies that require painstaking patience and time. They will never give up and "never surrender!"
  • Can quote entire scenes from either ST2: Wrath of Khan or Empire Strikes Back or both. 
  • Reads encyclopedias for fun. 
  • Has read a book in the Dune series and understood it. 
  • Has an unhealthy affinity for Legos.
  • Owns a quippy tshirt such as:

  • Semi-smart, but not brilliant. 
  • Likeable, but will spazz out in a moment's notice. 
  • More into food than NERDS. 
  • Usually attempts to be humorous. Gets laughs 45% of the time. 
  • More into movies and music. 
  • Almost made it into NHS.... Quietly hated above group for 5 yrs after attempt to get into NHS fail. 
  • Will clean up on Entertainment Trivia and every now and again surprise you with a brilliance blackout of ingeniousness.
  • Has had some liquid come out of some orifice on their face whilst laughing.
Leelah's Nerdifying is starting to take shape as she has been presented with the entire LOTR series and fared very well in watching it! I must say there was a slight preoccupation with Legolas and she asked questions every 8 seconds...
"Who has the ring now?" 
"Why did that happen?"
"Ummm.... Where are they going again?"
"Is Gollum real?"
"Who plays Legolas again?"

Now that we've finished up the LOTR viewings we are taking her to dine at a fun little place in Houston that's got great burgers (all we've tried so far) - The Hobbit Cafe:


The Nichols recommends this Hobbit-hole in the wall for a great little Saturday lunch!
You are guaranteed a bearded server and it's a fun jaunt into one of my favorite areas of Houston!
2243 Richmond Ave  Houston, TX 77098 is the address.
Been around since the '70's.
Check it out whether you are a: Nerd, Dork or Foodie*!
It's family-friendly, however they are big into beer and ales just like Hobbit-folk. So don't be surprised when they hand you a novel-menu of their selections of said liquids.

*To be a Foodie:
- Must own Saffron.
That's it.

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Julie said...

So I think (by your definitions) I must be a dorky nerd (who aspires to be a foodie, but can't convince herself or her husband to spend the money on saffron). I can (mostly legitimately) claim 5 or 6 of the Nerd points, but I can also claim 6 of the Dork points. :)