Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"But they're girls!"

Today we will be talking about my Quasi-Feminist-Wholly-Christian viewpoint on little girls serving.

This past Saturday was our little girls service organization's, Lovely Girls Club, monthly service project. Because you know, we are trying to let that light shine for the love of Benji:

And I'll be flat out honest when it comes to the whole women's lib movement- I am thankful I have a voice, get to vote, can wear pants- which I do by golly stretchy ones!, don't have to wear a corset, am equal, blah blah blah but you see it's not my main cause I champion every day, okay?
 As one of my BFFles and I say, "I'm just tryin' to do me."

But lately, I'm aghast and fleshy about how there are some Christian peeps out there that are hatin' on girls serving.

I'm going to reiterate this for you: For the love of Benji y'all, people don't come easy to the request for a project that little girls can serve at.

In fact, some service organizations straight up scoff at us!!!!!!


Yes. You mean to tell me that you are going to say no when a pack of adorably precious little girls want to help some folks out? Really.

And you wonder why there are so many complaints about the lack of humanity, lack of industriousness, and lack of character in our youth!?!?!?!!


Wait, let me digress and assess and back up.

I'm prideful. Okay. I'm a work in progress and completely imperfect. I have absolutely no right to judge anyone or thing. I'm thankful for service organizations and the service they provide.

But look.
 I just want my kid to be able to serve her community and go out and be the "hands and feet of Christ" to others, you know shine a light and your SERVICE organization is not going to let that happen, why? Here are the list of excuses we've heard for why places will not let us help out:
(Some I have omitted because they are in fact valid- some meaning 1).

"There are too many of you. And we don't have enough room."
My retort: That's lame. Have you ever heard of outside?

"We don't do anything on Saturdays."
My retort: Well, we are coming on Saturday can you please find something?

"They are too young."
Retort: Sometimes, I get it. We don't want 5 and 6 yr old little girls going into prison ministry, but sometimes this is completely wrong. YOU ARE NEVER TO YOUNG TO SERVE DANG IT.

And my personal favorite I heard this weekend when we told them we'd like to do actual manual labor so our girls could learn a thing or two about hard work AND service:
Get ready for it.
Are you ready for it?
I really don't think you can handle this bomb of jelly that I'm about to drop on your computer monitor viewing screen.
Here goes:
the guy says, "But they're girls!"

I wear 2 glasses in the sun.
One pair for seeing.
And one pair that fits over for shading.
I know unequivocally that that man saw me shoot a laser eye beam with such intensity that he might have felt a sting from me emotionally slapping him. How do I know? He immediately apologized. Phew.
I really didn't want to beat someone down at a service project.

Thank you Lord that our "girls" were out of earshot and were working on a project they thought was meant to sustain us: bag decorating which is a WONDERFUL thing do not get me wrong and needed for an AMAZING organization that provides lunches, but Mister we came here to work!

Yes, can you see my pride? I told y'all I'm gross.

But do you see how some people just don't get what we are trying to do here?

And with all that to say, there are some incredible organizations that totally could rightly have pulled the above reasons out but did not and we are so thankful for them allowing us to come and help out.

I'm going to wrap this up like a burrito by saying this:
God wants us to serve and He wants us our little ones to serve and to learn that life is not all that peachy for the rest of the world which is why they need our light.

If you see a chance to let a little one learn this concept and you are tempted to say no because it will put you out- please, fight against that and open your mind a little.

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You are so beautiful, Gillian!!