Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Confessions

The other day I journeyed with some comrades to a wonderful ministry leaders' spa event.

'Twas lovely.

I love the concept of this and definitely felt refreshed. If you are a woman (What? Woman? That sounds weird. I'm sorry I'm so sixth grade still.) in the Katy/Houston area and God has called you to ministry, you might wanna check this out: Inspire Women

But let me tell you why I'm truly a disaster.

There was a part of the session of lovely reflection where the smart, learned leader lady asked us to think, reflect, and ponder (REDUNDANT PLEONASMS!) in a soothing voice of love:

"Think. To a time when you were at your happiest. The happiest moment (breathy voice) of your life is..... *music, clouds, dandelion floating, calm, beauty*...."

Then she continued, "If you are like me (Spoiler: I'm not like this sweet lady- you will see why.) you envisioned your wedding day...."




Can I redo this?





 Yes. While all the better-than-me people, leaders, "women" of the world in the room pictured their sweethearts, holding their first born, curing cancer, winning prom queen, saving that kid from that bus-- Gillian pictured that time in Oregon when she stopped at a gas station and got to savor:
Beef Jerky + Popcorn + Pepsi.

But wait! Can I defend myself for a second?

Oregon is like crazy beautiful. So I was eating those things- yes all at once mind you and just call me Sodium-face!- and taking in God's country. Okay?

Lay off!!!!!

Then I was so distracted that I couldn't come back to the Psalms and their healing ways. No. I was done.

I went to Happy Snack Land/Perfect Moment in Time and stayed there.

I then wanted to tell my comrades immediately- and couldn't- that I thought about snacks instead of holy things so we could laugh at an inappropriate time. But I couldn't.

So I told my husrchaband later that night.

And he understood me and forgave my insolence.

Which is why I love him so. :)


Mindee said...

Gillian Lee Nichols, I love you! But can I offer an observation? You are a sensate. You cherished taste, and observation. The other gal was probably feelings driven and so thought of a a "feeling" event. You are gloriously and wonderfully made! No need for apologies for the way God made you.

The Nichols Fam said...

Mindee Friendy, I think you are on to something... I need to look this sensate stuff up. Regardless of the meaning, I do love the way it sounds! ANd I love you too. Maybe more than popcorn. Which is saying something.