Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Craziness

Glory to the newborn King!
Merry Christmas homies!!

The Bible really says everything perfectly. So much so that I can't expound upon the specialness of this day- or should we say- the specialness of God coming on down to earth the 'splain it in human form. And one of my favorite parts- the grandness of the ungrandness.
My oh my, how I need to digest that.

Thank you Lord for your unpretentious, but yet over-magnificent love for us.

And please allow me to share with you some fun tidbits that might actually terrify you from our child whilst we rode around and looked at lights:

"Who would want to fall asleep on goggles??!" (This came out of nowhere.)

"But there isn't a knife in the Christmas story in the Bible, so how did Joseph get baby Jesus outta Mary?" 
(We, being terrible parents, just laughed this one off).


And while icing cookies-
"I feel like God when he's making and decorating people." 

 Whose kid gets a God-complex while decorating cookies? That'd be our kid.

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