Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Debt Freedom Goal!

This is the year peeps. The Nichols, God willing, are going to be DEBT FREE!!!!!! See the cool little countdown widget on my sidebar? Well, we made a cardboard visual for us to get excited about our goal for this year! Leelah helped decorate it. A lot.

And since we are Aggies, we kind of did this in a confusing way.

Our total debt we are paying off started out at around $44,000. Then there were many medical meanderings along the way. I've had 13 surgeries since we began our debt payoff journey. So that added about $10,000 to that total. So $54,000 is the total debt.

By God's provision, we've paid off around $40,735. Actually, I think I need to update that.

So the cardboard visual is what we have left to pay this year. It's around $13,000, which we hope to be finished with by this July.


So Leelah and John and I are all 3 Nichols'ing it as we do everything- we are in it together. Leelah is learning, we hope, what debt means and how to work really, really hard for a goal to live in financial freedom. She knows we can't just go to Disneyworld all willy-nilly and charge it, but that we must have our debts paid and budget for it. And again, God willing, we are going in 2013! Hince the awesome Mickey Mouse drawing... 80 ) - That's supposed to be a Mickey Face.

We began this in Feb. 2007 and have been getting our cash withdrawal envelopes, doing our budget meetings (See my "Frugalicious Fridays" button on the sidebar for all that stuff!) and paying off all the medical madness in cash for a while. I'm kind of embarrassed to call in to Dave Ramsey for the Debt Freedom Scream and say that it's taken us so stinking long, but again, there was MAJOR medical opposition as well as lots of family upheavals.

And we do fancy dining out. Dang it. We really need to ease back on that.

So when we are Debt-Free you will see us bein' all:
By the way, she just made this pose happen on her on regard. No prompting. She is the type of kid that is all about the extreme.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey! To God be the glory!

We don't do resolutions. Just goals with deadlines. It works better for us that way. Happy 2013!

And if you hear 2 adults and 1 child cackling with crazy, psycho glee in Disneyworld then you'll know it's us!

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Sweet T said...

Beautiful family! Awesome goal! The folks at DisneyWorld won't know what hit them!