Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Festivals are the Bestivals!

I love me some festivals, y'all.

I can eat Kettle Corn and never get full of it. Ever.

I can get all Viking on some meat on a stick.

I can spend $20 faster at a festival then you can yell CUTOFFSLEEVESHIRT!

Get a sun-migraine over my over-surgeried left eye all for the fun of it! 

Oh and I love seeing my child have fun and stuff too.
Evidenciary (that is a word, right?) Support of my parenting skills:
John was at his PE Exam Test course review- can you tell I don't know what to call it- thingy this past weekend- the LAST ONE. So Lbugs and I decided to be wild and crazy and hit Old Town Katy's Rice Harvest Festival up.

We tried to go the weekend before, but Silly Rabbit- that was only the parade, which we were too late for. Have you noticed I keep adding commas and dashes because I placed out of English and have forgotten grammar stuff.

Leelah had a fantastic time! I had to shield her vision from some emergency sitch over by the corn stand where a man was on a gurney possibly bleeding to death, but other than that it was a blast. Poor guy. Hope he turned out okay...

Leelah about had the EMT's come and rescue her when she saw that "Magical Pony" whose hair was painted blue! She said it was the best thing that has ever happened to her ever.

Dang it, if I was little and I got to ride a blue-haired-pony, I'd have a full-on-joy-fit too!!!

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