Friday, October 19, 2012

Faith of a First Grader

On the way to dropping me off at an event I had to photograph, Leelah tells John and I that one of her classmates said to her:
"I know you are a Christian."
Leelah agreed.
This little boy comes from a family that is Jewish. Which if you truly know a Christian, we adore Jewish people. We pray for them. We support them. It hurts our hearts that they are so very persecuted. And it hurts our hearts that they do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

So the conversation continues between Leelah and her friend.
He says, "We do not believe in Jesus because we are Jewish."
Leelah, "I know that." We had lightly touched on this at our home, still telling her all the while- show him LOVE. Which we pray she is doing.

He goes on to say, "Jesus is a liar. He tells lies. He is not the Son of God."
Re-read the subject: First Grade.
 Look, I thought that Leelah's diagramming sentences and learning prepositional phrases was beyond first grade, let alone theology debates!

"That's not true." Leelah says, "Jesus is the King of the Jews and the Son of God." 

I asked her how it ended and John said something to the effect of, "How every convo a kid has they see a bird and run off or something."

Leelah kind of dropped it, but John and I explained that Jesus is a Jew and that He is the Son of God. They do not believe what we believe, Jewish people believe in a different book called the Torah.

If you are Jewish and are reading this, I love you. Seriously. Everything about you pulls at my heart. Please know I'm not sending my child to school to convert everyone she sees. My child is starting to recess preach, and I just pray that she speaks the truth in love. We don't hate anybody. She is bold and honestly, it scares me sometimes. I'm all like I LOVE PIZZA and she's all telling kids about Christ and, "It's okay if you don't believe, I still love you anyway!"

We further explained that Jewish people wanted God's Son to be a KING. Or as Cee-Lo would say, "A KANG!!!" With all the riches and glory and whatever else. I'm sure I'm insulting folks now.

But Jesus came in on a donkey. He is humility. His riches are far more than that of wealth we could conjure here on earth. He fulfilled all the prophecies.

 We explained to her that people are not going to believe in the Bible, but we stand on it ALWAYS AS TRUTH. Always.

And that story right there is just one of the reasons I go to Moms in Prayer International, formerly Moms in Touch each week!!!

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Georgia said...

Good job! She'll be fine. You're teaching her well.