Monday, September 17, 2012

Wow, you're busy!

Hey Dudes.

Things are great in the Nichols' Cottage. I feel like getting all Christmas yearly letter on you since I haven't written in a while. And I will.

John's studying like a boss for his PE Exam- Professional Engineer. That is what it stands for, right? Does someone want to fact check that? I'm too lazy to open a new tab and Google it. We have one table we eat off of and it's consequently our one large writing surface. So half of our dining table has huge books with equations that make me black out upon just the slightest of gazes.

Kind of like those statues in Neverending Story when they open their eyes and that killer laser light comes out? Yes, just like that. Math hates me. I understand it's significance. I got 100's in algebra, geometry and then college hit and it was all Word Problem City. I wept aloud during every finance exam. No joke.
He takes the exam on his birfday. I keep trying to cheer him on like the Spartan Cheerleaders on SNL, but I don't think it's helping... I just love him so much, but I think I come off as annoying.

Leelah got 2 Bibles in one week! One at the first Lovely Girls Club meeting

and the other during her First Grade Bible Presentation
 NIrV Super Heroes Bible Hardcover
 that they do at our church. She was already loving her picture story one and now she's all about it! She LOVES to read her Bible. My next door neighbor reminded me the other day not to call them stories- but facts. I love that. I'm sure I just lost 7-9 readers over that sentence, but that's fine.
Can I recommend a great devo for your children?? Leelah LOVES THIS:
Front Cover 
We read our devotionals together and it's the best. Thank you God for those moments.
Then she gets all stinkface at a toddler about touching her toys later and we have the Word to jog her memory back into action. It's a process. We all stumble.

She loves her some first grade. I got rid of all her sippy cups the other day and had a panic/rage attack that ended up with a lot of cleaned kitchen surfaces. I love her growing up, but I know I should have a baby still. Make sense?

Still praying about adoption. Only, I'm praying for our child. But God told me, what if the child doesn't come- still love Me? Yes. Yes. I do.
I'm doing 3 Bible Studies at once.
One on James- gotta love his straight in your face approach.
One on people pleasing- thank God that I am learning freedom from this, but still a good study to do.
One on Being More than a Good Bible Study Girl- okay I just can't bring myself to buy this when I have the other two already started. Although I'm sure it's good. But I do go and enjoy our Women's Group time.

I'm also leading the Lovely Girls Club- oh wait, I mean facilitating- God is leading. Phew, because I would want to run down the street in sheer panic screaming nonsensical things about Doritos Spicy Nacho flavor and hedgehogs in dresses.

And I'm involved with the PTA. I do love our school. I have to laugh when I think about myself in PTA meetings though. They don't realize how dorky I am yet. Or maybe they do...?

People come up and just say to my face:
"Wow, you are really busy. I mean like, really busy!"

Honestly, I don't feel that I am that busy or stressed out or anything. I feel joyful and excited to get up everyday. And thankful.  Thankful I'm not in waiting rooms putting hope in medical people who don't determine my future. Thankful to be walking and seeing.

And I really don't have justice-enough words to describe how Lovely Girls Club went down.
Every time I think  about it I get overcome by tears and emotions and stuff. We had over 60 girls show up, 8 leader moms helping out, 8 Lovely teenagers mentoring the girls, and God gave each girl their own Bible.
Some of them gasped aloud when we opened up the Bibles to give to them.

Imagine seeing 60 little girls, heads down, highlighting their verse- Matthew 5:16.

Do you see why I cry??

I know it's cliche and reality tv show talk to say "surreal", but that's what it is. God completely takes over I assure you. This is Kingdom Business in the hearts of our little princesses. And just wait until they hit St. Luke's Hospital to cheer up the waiting rooms on the 22nd, or visit the nursing home next month or hand out turkeys to homeless folks in November.

I'm beyond right now. Just beyond. 

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