Thursday, May 10, 2012

i Don't Really Want to Talk to You (a PSA)

i Love technology.
i Specifically love the advancements iN medical technology. For iF iT wasn't for technology, i Wouldn't be seeing right now, i.e. my little synthetic fibers with which my eyes' lenses are sewn iN place with.

That being said, i gotta get negative on this mug.

This bothers me to no end. i Call it the disrespectful, "Modern Place Setting." iN which you have your plate, your napkin, your silverware/plasticware, your drinking vessel oh and the ever-present cellular device because heaven forbid, you go without knowing that someone's trying to connect with you for 30min-1 hr.

iF you are still not understanding what i'M saying, i have provided several informative PSA diagrams that should do the trick:
Emily Post would be down with this:
Homegirl, would not approve of this:
Yes. i Did just call you Gauche: "lacking social experience or grace; also : not tactful : crude". i See this all the time, a friend sits down with me and pulls out their phone to be placed next to their silverware and then looks up at me. 
"Oh no, honey girlfriend! You are going to be head dipping down at your phone or sideways eyeing your phone while we are trying to have a discussion??" Gross!!!! Was that Groupon email really worth looking at while we are pouring out our hearts over queso!? 
I mean come on:
 Because this is what you are really saying folks:

iF something iS SO important that iT can't wait, tell your friend/spouse straight up, "Hey, NASA iS calling me about the meteor the size of Texas that iS going to hit Earth soon so i need to check my messages." 

Look, i fall prey to this too. But then i did something one day, i accidentally left my source of knowledge that i'M special- er, i mean my phone- at home and golly gee wouldn't you know iT, i survived! 

Phones should not be answered during family time at the table, period. Well, that's how we roll at our house anyways. Unless we are expecting a birth or a death, NO PHONE! 
Also, we do not have an email alert noise or vibration happening. Stupid! 
Those alerts are the devil's interruptions stealing from your family time. STOP iT! 

And just one last pic i saw posted on my friend's FB page to make sure you know how i feel about this. 

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