Monday, May 7, 2012

Frugalicious Friday- Monday!

Life happened last Friday so please to enjoy this Froogy post by my girl,
Thanks, G, for letting me share a few things I’ve learned throughout the years about saving on beauty products.  Some of these suggestions may surprise you all because they may have you scratching your head thinking, “this is frugal?”  Stick with me!  Let’s get it started, y’all!

1. St. Ives Collagen Cream.
I heard about this stuff from a friend who saw it on Dr. Oz.  It's a big 'ole jar of moisturizer with collagen elastin.  And it's only $5!!!  According to the show, it was comparable to the $40 stuff.  I use it all over my face and neck.  Even if you choose to use the expensive stuff on your face, it's worth five bucks to at least use this stuff to moisturize your neck.  I found it on walmartdotcom, and they shipped it to my house for only 97 cents.

2. Diurex.
Has Aunt Flo gotcha' down?  Feelin' bloated and crampy?
Reaching for that Midol or Pamprin will set you back around $4.50 for only 20 pills.
Instead, grab your store brand ibuprofen or acetaminophen ($7 for 500ct.) and some diurex ($5 for 42ct.)
It's essentially the same medicine combo as the name brand reliever.  But these two items will get you through the entire year as opposed to just a couple of months with the other stuff.

3.Suave Conditioner.
This stuff sucks as a conditioner, but it is GREAT in place of shaving cream.  Ladies' shaving cream is upwards of $4.  This big bottle of conditioner is $2.  Plus, it actually DOES moisturize your skin while shaving.

Now hang with me on these next 3.

4. Kenra Volume Hairspray.
Thanks to G, my eyes have been opened to Kenra Volume Hairspray #25.  Believe me when I say this stuff is the best hairspray I've ever used!  (Buy it at Ulta or a Salon.) I bought the largest bottle available back in November 2011 for around $25.  I've never spent that much on hairspray.  I've been a Tresemme gal for years.  But here's the dealio:  I was using about 1.5 cans of Tresemme per month at $4 per can.  I've been using this ONE can of Kenra for  nearly 7 months!  Because it's so good, I don't have to spray nearly as much of it as I do the cheaper stuff.
Let's do some math.  10 cans of Tresemme (over 7 months) at $4 each equals $40.  So I'm actually saving $15 and using a better quality product!

5.Lorac Foundation Powder.
I bought this makeup at Sephora a couple of months ago for $32.  This was after spending mucho dollas' on different kinds of drugstore makeup that I hated.  It just did not look good and did not have good coverage for my problem skin.  I was buying foundation and a separate powder for my make-up routine.  It just always felt so heavy and just never looked right. 
The Lorac is working out great for me because it's a thicker powder foundation.  I no longer use liquid foundation or separate powder. 
The great thing about Sephora is, if you don't like a product you've used, just take it back.  They're super-friendly and the return policy is hassle-free.
I've had this for 2 months and am just now running out. 

 6. Chi Hair Straightener.
Finally, invest in a good hair straightener!  I've had my CHI for 5 years and it's still going strong! 
Yes, it is $100.  EEEK!  But think about this...  a typical hair straightener is around $20.  I was buying 1 cheap straightener per year because they wore out and didn't heat up as hot as I needed it to to get the job done.  Again, if you invest in a better product to begin with, you potentially save money in the long run.  And you have awesome hair!  (another plus is that CHI is made in the USA!)
So, there ya' go!  Have a Fantastic Frugalicious Friday!
(Oh, and these suggestions are in no way paid product endorsements.  Just stuff I like.)

Thank you Sweet T! I gotta vouch for St. Ives and throw in a little Neutrogena to the mix. That mess is dermatologist recommended and I've used it for years. I used to be a Lancome girl big time. I'm still a major Mary Kay girl though. Their prices are much better than Lancome and quality is top notch. If you just budget for it, then it won't be a problem! Yes, Dave says you can have a "grooming" envelope. As long as you have worked out the "food" envelope and all the bill necessities first! And I do not own a Chi, because my stylist doesn't either. But I have heard great things! If my hair wasn't paper-straight I'd probably look into budgeting for one.

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