Friday, May 18, 2012

Frugalicious Friday- Barometers & Encouragement.

This one goes out to all my Moms out there. Trying to as Dave Ramsey says, "Live like no one else so you can live like no one else." Not gonna lie, I'm an Aggie and that took me a while to really comprehend. :) I josh that way, because it's hopefully endearing.


Don't be bummed out by barometers that should never be such. I have realized that Facebook has become a barometer or the control in our daily scientific method, something to compare yourself or your family to on a daily basis.This can affect your mindset in being Frugal. It's like peer pressure on crack.

Here is what Facebook is for: (IMHO)

  • To get in touch with those far-away Aunts you love so much and show them pics of your kid. 
  • To brag a LITTLE on your kid, for the aforementioned far-away Aunts and Nana's and friends like family.
  • To truly call out for prayer warriors when your eyeballs are going to fall out- maybe that's just me, it is? okay good. But hey, a shout-out for prayer is not a bad thing. Think of it like you are doing that Dog Call thing in 101 Dalmatians- remember that?? 
  • To seek recommendations for things, i.e. Should I eat those Magic Pop things in HEB. Answer: Yes!
  • To send a bday whatsup to someone from long ago. 
  • To get some great recipes or money saving ideas or some thrifty lady home-ec stuff like that. 
  • To keep it real. 
Here is what Facebook is NOT for: (Again, IMHO) And yes, I have struggled with this.
  • Show and Tell: check out all my fancy junk. It's called being pretentious and it's not fun. Yes, I totally posted pics of our shower remodel. But I tried to cite that we worked really hard for that mess. We saved up for a long time and lived without for a long time. Sort of a delayed gratification kind of deal. Except when it comes to anything having to do with cheese, then all bets are off and rightly so. OR a cake you just made- that is just a phenomenon to behold that never gets old.
  • Show and Tell: every point of my vacay or fun event. Look, I'm excited for you and your fam that you are going to the land of fun. Really, I am. This isn't coming from a jealous place. But when it starts to become: hey kids stop doing that and come over here and let me document this moment for the world to prove that we are a whatever-fill-in-the-blank family-Sheesh! Can't we keep some moments sacred?
  •  Now I say this, but all under the frame of what the Word says:
Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15)
     I pray that I remember that truth when I'm tempted to judge others' FB posts!
But I truly believe that social media can be a tool that can be used against us to further prosper the defeating and demoralizing effects of comparison- the joy stealer. And possibly even drive us to purchase things or go places we really cannot afford due to our commitment to becoming debt free.

People ask me all the time what are you doing for the summer. A harmless question. We are doing nothing except a couple of things with our church. We are not going on anywhere, really. I do have one little jaunt with my buddy bud but that is a homeland pilgrimage voyage.

 We've decided to postpone all traveling until we are debt-free. Even those little Texas trips- those add up y'all. That's $400-$500 we could use. I'm not ashamed to say these truths in hopes that it will encourage a mom or friend to not to go into debt just because everyone else is doing this or wearing that.

This is embarrassing to admit.
At one time, I let Satan attack my heart by feeding me lies that I only have one child, one daughter, and if I don't dress her in smocked dresses now when she is little then when she is older she won't want to wear them and somehow will be affected by this. That is Bacon Sandwich. I love my child. We love her so much. What she wears has no effect on her mental state. If it does, then we will gladly get the chance to explain materialism and to be content with what you have.
(Okay there is the argument of risque clothing and DGMS on that!).

To my friends working on their goals- you just keep on keepin' on and stop getting on that bus to Compareland. And I'm sorry if this was a 'duh' post.

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