Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Such a Dory.

There should be a cute little pic of the lovable, forgetful Blue Tang, Dory, on here but there ain't. I don't wanna get sued.
Oh sure Gillian, the makers of Pixar are totally following and relishing your blog! RELISH IT!!!!!

I'm not fond of relish. I'm pretty sure it was an accident that took on popularity with freaks. "Hey if we just mushed up a pickle and slapped that on a hot dog, would that be alright?"

Last night I got to have a lemon tart with a new friend whilst we discussed this wonderful organization, some of y'all might have heard of it: PTA? Yes, the world is coming to an end (probably on my bday which will be 12/12/12- but I'm not all "pee filtering to water" about it) and I'm going to be all PTA'in' it next year.

I've had to learn about things such as:
Robert's Rules of Order (Who's Robert?)
And not everybody gets me.

But it's going to be a fun ride and I'm anticipating showing others the love of Jesus in ways such as not gossiping and grace (God willing!!). Kind of stinks that I have to be covert about it, but whatever it's the world we live in, right?

So back to Dory and my love for her.

My new pal asked about my eye condition. Some of you might be wanting to yell at her, "DANGER, DANGER! Turn back time (Cher) and back out of that conversation!!" But I thought it was the prime opportunity to tell the story that God has given me one more time.
Short synopsis: Freaky extremely rare congenital eye disease, 10 eye surgeries, blind in one eye, almost blind in the other, nasty infection, and now sight praise Jesus and not just any old sight but sight to be a photographer!

She thought it was pretty cool.

And I thought, hey I'm just like Dory!:
"P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.
Why do I have to tell you over and over again?
I'll tell you again.
I don't get tired of it--"

I never get tired of telling His story for me. And neither should you!
Shine that light! If felt so good to tell her about it all, especially the morning 
that I awakened to find bright light in my room. I had never seen the light be so bright and
realized that my left eye had sight!
SO cool.

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