Monday, November 28, 2011

You Know You Shop at Target Too Much When....

These are sadly, or not sadly at all very, very true:

1. Your family has an endearing, personal nickname for the store: "Targie"

2. You see nothing wrong or peculiar with the Crazy Target Lady's actions or demeanor and in fact, admire her skills.

3. You know exactly how much the popcorn combo price has increased in percentage form. (Well, I know it's gone up like 20 cents, John can do percents he's an engineer)

4. You hesitate to wear any outfit ensemble that consists of a red shirt and khaki pants for fear some kook like yourself will ask you where some obscure organization contraption is should you happen to go into said "Targie".

5. You breathe a sigh when you enter the Dollar Spot and it's been restocked.

6. You've had a celebration to commemorate a milestone with the pharmacy crew (love those guys!)!

7. You have a favorite dressing room to try on pants that are too long for any chick under 5'7".

8. Your husband blatantly tells you "DON'T GO TO TARGET TODAY!!!" when you mention you are going shopping with a friend... (sorry John!)

9. You've had more than 6 of those little plastic tub things from samples you've eaten over the hours because you got caught up in a freak storm and couldn't leave.

10. You know exactly where you will lose cell phone reception in the store and where you won't! (Ladies underwear section is a good place!)

And it behooves me to offer some fun contributions from some friends on FB:

when you say to your 7 year old, "mommy has to run an errand" and he says: "oh, so you're going to Target?"

When the nice man who works the photo booth by the door recognizes when you have not been there in over a week. :) (His name is Anthony and he is the best greeter ever!)

When the checkers comment on how they've been able to watch your child grow up since they were a tiny baby and how big they've gotten.

the lady at starbucks knows that you come on wednesdays with only one child and then when two are added she knows...spooky

when you could literally draw a map of the store with all departments included.
...when you give directions to other customers in the store.
...when you are telling someone where something is and it includes "You know that clearance end cap that's by the frying pans?"
...when you stop to have an extended conversation with the pharmacist every time you go in there and know about her current and coming children (baby girl, due in April).
...when you go in there just to waste time.
...when you know which cashiers deal well with your extreme couponing (and which ones are coupon nazis!) know exactly when the holiday stuff's percent off will occur after holidays.

When your friends see that crazy holiday lady commercial and think of you.... ;)

When you decide to go to Target because you are craving the popcorn and coke combo.

When your kid thinks that's the only place to get an icee.

When you are all dressed up and don't want to waste it on going to WalMart.

When your list of reasons you're glad to move home includes "Target"....and you accidentally say that before "family"....

and another gem one that my friend's husband coined:

All questions in this house can either be answered by "God" or "Target"!


Sweet T said...


The Smiths said...

Might I add that it was one of the first symbols that both Grayson and HOpe know. We will be driving down the road and at age 2 I would hear, "look mommy, there's a Target."

The newest Jism around here is, "I judge how sanctified I am if I have read my Bible more times in a week than you have been to Target."

Still love my sign.

Mrs. E said...

As one of those Target Team members, I assure you that it is guests like you all that make our days working at Target worth it. I know I wouldn't enjoy my job very much if all i did was fill prescriptions for random people. It's the relationships I have with my guests that validate my job and make it about more than just filling prescriptions so from all of us... Thank you!! And next time your hubby gives you a hard time about shopping at Target too much you can tell him "It's less about shopping and more about helping a friend enjoy their job" :-)