Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I am Thankful For...

Here's my list:

1. That our sweet little one has Jesus in her heart forever!

2. That I can walk without crutches this year!

3. That I can see the sweet faces I love so much and read and drive myself places!

4. That I can kneel down to pray or to pick up things.

5. For Gabby Giffords being able to survive and recover- what an inspiration she is to so many! She rocks my world.

6. My beautiful sister-friends that just know my soul and are family to me.

7. That silly husband that I just can't get over.

8. That we have food, water, and shelter.

9. That the game Ms. PacMan was invented. That game brings me joy.

10. Cheese.

11. Bread.

12. Cheesy Bread.

13. Drinking coffee on the couch.

14. Our troops guaranteeing our freedom!

15. That I won't be shopping on Black Friday.

16. My In-Loves. Really blessed in that arena!

17. My new Adventure!

18. Our little garden. Grow seeds, grow!

19. The color yellow. Okay, the other colors too.

19.5 Barry Manilow and his hit disco song, Copacabana. Wasn't he just 70's gorgeous?

20. Having peace in my heart regardless.


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