Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dang it, Jimmy F.!!!

The whole Michelle Bachmann intro song thing made me sad. It made me so sad I have decided to let you in on a letter that I'm really going to send, probably electronically to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Dearest Jimmy Fallon and or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Staff Personnel reading this,
Well shucks Jimmy. We are fans. I mean, we like to laugh. The husband and I have a big ol' jar that we like to believe is our "Saving for our first trip to New York so we can see Jimmy Fallon with our best friends and eat pizza and pretzels simultaneously one day dream" Jar. And now, what do we do!???

(The Jar)
We are from Katy, Texas, remember the Houston Rodeo (not the Alamo, that was all war-ish) you and Higgins had fun with? But look Jimmy (can we call you that?), we are downtrodden about the whole intro music thing now and I might just not put my quarters in the big ol' jar. I might put tears instead. No, not because we are all about Michelle B., not at all really we are kind of on the Cain Train, but because it kind of makes us think, gosh, would Questlove make fun of us too?
We like to dream about what Roots would play for us (no, really we've had discussions about this)?
But now we don't know would it be a song entitled:
Stupid Suburban Face Bleep Bleep?!!
I mean who are we to you, but just people that aren't funny enough to be paid for?
We love your show. We love your talent. We love the Roots' talent too.
WHYYY!!!!!!***sadness screams!!!*****
Lamenting from Texas,
Gillian and John N.

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