Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Worst Word You Could Ever Say.

At this very moment, I am wishing that Leelah's classmate, whom I think needs his birth certif. checked because he looks like he is in 2nd grade, would not have told Leelah about the F word. Or as she called it: "The worst word you could ever say."
That's right folks! It starts in Kindergarten! Oh my gracious. I really thought I'd be brokenhearted that she would hear such awful things, and I am a little. But I'm also thankful that she came to me with it. I've learned not to completely freak out and thus, freak her out over things like that or else she will NOT be coming to me with heavy stuff.

Brief example, we were in a public restroom the other day and she asked me something I cannot share. I wanted to yell over her something in gibberish so her question would not be heard by the said public in the restroom. Like this: BLAAAHHBABHAHAH HAHBABJACKOSH!
But I felt a little voice tell me: answer her calmly or she will never ask in the future. OH snap!
So I calmly answered her with the best biology I could muster. I did heart biology and health class. I mean who didn't?
All she wanted was an answer. She wasn't wrong to ask. Lord, please don't let me ever make her feel wrong for asking or telling me anything.

But back to the whole bad word sitch, yes, very upsetting. I just told her that if that person ever uses those words to tell him this:
"I will not be friends with you if you use those words." She said okay. Simple.
I also told her that people use very bad words and to NOT be friends with them.
If you are reading this and you cuss, I'm sorry my kid cannot hang out with you.

Yes, I stub my toe and I cannot control the volume of my stage 1 (f is stage 4)cuss word that comes out. I'm a human being with terrible eyesight. But it's almost as if it physically hurts me to hear those words now. We had to move tables the other night at Denny's, which FYI is the high school hang out, just because there was a table full of pottymouths. And cable, DGMS! (Don't Get Me Started!)

We are not sheltering her. She is in public schooling and we are thankful for that and those lessons. But we also don't have to expose her to that mess while we are trying to chillax and eat french toast and grand slams. I seriously wanted to grand slam them with some sense!!

Again, I am not a goody-goody. We are trying to raise her to be relevant and interact but yet:
"so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.."
Phil. 2:15

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