Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pardon Me While I Gush...

Today is my hurrrrzband's birthday.
You might remember him from such wonderful anecdotes of:
"John Wheeling Gillian Around Mayo Clinic in a Blizzard"
"John, The Encourager For Gillian When She was Sad About ___________"
or how about from this timeless classic?
"John Helps Gillian Eat Ramen With Both Eyes Shut After Eye Surgery!"
So many wonderful memories have been made with this person I call Johnicles of Narnia. There are not too many men out there that could have made it through this bumpy of a rollercoaster ride. Really, that's not just me saying that! Won't tell you who else verified that truth- hint it rhymes with "sherapist".

I am so very proud to know him, let alone hang out with him on a regular basis.
He is funny.
He is smart.
He is cool.
He is unintentionally and intentionally kind.
He is a softie.
He is a representative of Jesus.
Thank you Lord for this totally wonderful being!
And thanks John for putting up with my absurdities and for always saying yes to an unplanned trip to Walgreens.

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