Friday, October 21, 2011

Frugalicious Friday No. 9! DIY

frugalicious frame

Time to get FROOGY!

Today the tip is, minus the politics this time, DO IT YOURSELF!

With the internet and Hobby Lobby and Lowe’s you need to get courage and believe you don’t have to pay Pottery Barn prices!! You don’t!

Evidence A:

This sweet, sold wood buffet I scored at KCM resale shop for $100. The drawers slide out like butter. I had to make an emergency call to the huzby when I saw it. And I did talk them down on the price. I patron KCM all the time. If they didn’t want to do the deal all they had to say was no.


Check out Pottery Barn’s situation:

Can you guess how much their price is?…..

$1,399.00 BUT you do get a delivery discount so you only have to pay $100.00. Total= $1,500.00. Wow. I had an awesome friend deliver our piece to our house for cookies and because his wife is one of my besties! Thank you Core-Dog! Seriously PB, those are crack-smokin’ prices. I can’t even afford the crack to use that would allow me to spend that much on 1 piece of furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, there is some wear on the buffet. But with the help of this great how to paint your furniture like Pottery Barn tutorial I pinned on pinterest, I plan on DIYing it and have budgeted $20 for paint, primer and degreasing spray. I have some silver spray paint I plan on repainting the hardware with. So I saved: $1,380.00!!!!!!

DIY it. Do it Yo’ Self.

Evidence B: If you know a Handy Dandy…

This summer we had our kid’s bday party and I wanted seating for our guests outside. I utilized the huzby’s handyman skills and implored him to make our picnic table. He did the job for about $140 with some free plans he found on the internet. Just google “patio bench table plans”. NEVER pay for plans on the internet!!!

We wanted a bench because you don’t have to pay for chairs. LISTEN UP CHAIRMAKERS WE ARE ON TO YOU. Chairs add to the cost. They are expensive!!! Whenever you can get away with not paying for matching chairs or benching it- do it!


Whoop there it is.

Home Depot Version:

Home Depot Price: $399.00!!!

Savings: $259.00

So that’s the tip of the day. Use how to tutorials to do things yourself. And budget for your projects.

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