Friday, October 7, 2011

Frugalicious Fridays No. 7!

We got another Frugalista in the Hizzouse!!
Her name is Jenna, check out her blog go ahead, I will wait.....
and her fam (spoiler alert: they're precious). Her book reviews make me love books even more, which I didn't think was possible.
We met at aTm WHOOP! Well, she is a friend of a friend that became a friend. Love it when that happens! Jenna is a mommy to 3, with no. 4 cutie coming soon in December! Jenna and The Kevs (I just took major liberty in calling him that and now feel a bit sheepish about it!!) are to put it simply: cool folks. They are living life in a frugal fashion and I'm blessed to know them. Another fun fact about Jenna, they took the 3 kiddos to Disneyworld and she walked the parks in a leg cast/brace thingy. NO EXCUSES!!! Bow down to her mom-hood! So glad to have you contribute and preach on sister!:

So Gillian, this one is for you - there's about to be 3 (little) girls in the Grubbs Household, and if they follow in their mother's footsteps, that's going to equal a lot of clogged drains and hairy hairbrushes. I cringed a little bit (or a lot) when I watched Kennedy's first haircut in the "salon" and had to pay $25 for it. Yikes! So, we took the haircutting scissors we bought to use for Colby, and Kevin cut straight across.



Such a great job! I estimate he cut about 4 inches off, which has really made a difference because now Kennedy is able to brush through her own hair without so many tangles.

We already cut Colby's hair with our own set of $40 clippers, which Kevin bought 10 years ago in college. And Kevin cuts his own hair too.

All in all, let's say:
Kevin's haircut = 3x/month = 3 x 12= 36 x $15 per haircut = $540 per year
Colby's haircut = 1x/month = 1 x 12 = 12 x $10 per haircut = $120 per year
Kennedy's haircut = not per month, but ~6x/year = 6 x $25 per haircut = $150 per year

That is a total savings of $810. I can really get excited about that.

What are your secrets to saving money? I hope to be posting more tips in future Fridays, and I'd love to link your frugal tips.


The Nichols Fam said...

John please don't hate me. World, we use dog clippers!!! AHHHHHHH!!! Yes. I use dog clippers on John's hair. I don't know how old they are. They belong to John and I pray did not belong to a pet before him. Judge me as you will!

Ashley S. said...

First, your comment is great about the dog clippers.
Second, I LOVE that you and Jenna are such good friends now.
Third, calling him Kevs is better than what I call him... Shmev. (as in Kevin Shmevin... I've called him that since college whenever she had things to do with him instead of me.)