Friday, October 14, 2011

Frugalicious Friday No. 8! (with Politics!)

First of all, I own that I've been lax (lacks?) in posting. I'd like to say it's because I've been caught up in Autumn and have been apple-bobbing and leaf-hunting with my kid. The truth is I've just been flittering here and there like a flibberdigibit. Some of the flittering has been fun and called for, but some of it has not. That would be the flittering of my brain and laziness that ensues while I'm at home. It's hard to just stop and be focused. Maybe I need to stop drinking sugar- water... Speaking of sugar-water:

This would be a pic of John's parents' home and the hummingbird community they have started. I thought it was pretty awesome. But not as awesome as this picture of one of the funniest people ever made:

He's my huzby. So lay off! I think if he had a feeder it would be full of sunflower seeds and ice cream. Ews. Mine would be queso. Double ews!

And I really need to say this: Liberal-biased media and left side folks, please let it be known that I am I guess what you would call a "southerner". I'm a Texan. I'm a Christian and a Creationist. Here is what I am not:
I am not a racist. Far from it.
I do not go around trying to convert people. I leave that up to my God. I just try to live my days showing others the love of Christ, God willing.
I do not worship money or big business. I'm a small business owner myself!
And in terms of intelligence, last time I checked my standardized test scores from long ago, if you must use that for some sort of measure, I'm not an idiot. Neither is my husband, who in my love-biased mind, is a genius and also a creationist. Sidenote: If you are an English teacher or a grammar enthusiast- you should be ever so kind to not comment on how horrible my grammar/punctuation skills are please, thank you!

My ideals are conservative and let me state that I couldn't love and root for the underdog more honestly. My heart for equality is immeasurable. I will not qualify these statements with examples in my attempt to remain humble. So please next time you aim to peg conservatives and Texans as "dumb" and as "hicks" please be able to back that up. I would prefer to not be lumped into either of those categories. Thank you very much and please know that I am thankful we live in a country that is protected by the brave so that we can post our thoughts on what we believe. Oh and we do not all wear hats all year round and ride horses to the grocery store. At one time though I was fortunate enough to own a horse. That was a LOT of work!

Let's get frugal!!!
Here's the tip cool cats: Make your own silly fruit tray!!! Don't spend $10-15 purchasing a tray of fruit when you can use a little water and a knife and a miniscule amount of time to make your own fruit tray happen! And in my opinion, it tastes way better!!
Savings: $5 at least and more yummy-ness!


Mindee said...

Where's the picture of your cute, creative fruit tray? And why wasn't I invited to partake?

Loved the rant! You know I love to go off on a good rant myself.

Hope you're coming on the retreat. Looking forward to spending some great girl time with you.

Ashley S. said...

Was someone mean to you on your blog comments or were you just saying all that? I'll take them down if they were mean to you!