Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From Strife to Confidence

Just letting you in on secrets the Lord is sharing with me on my journey...

Remember when I couldn't walk, couldn't see well either and was heading to Mayo Clinic? Well, I do! Remember when I lost my dad to cancer 3 years ago and then 5 months later lost my ut (uterus)? STOP DON'T GO---- HANG WITH ME!!! I'm sorry. Did I just take you Sadsville, USA? Come back!

My newly found wisdom from the Lord today is this: Who would have thought that the worst things in my life are actually what I'm the proudest in sharing to all who meet me in hopes it will help them in their strifes? Not I! But it's so true. On the other side of all that gloom and terror, let me tell you just last week I got to use what the Lord allowed (possibly a future book title: What the Lord Allowed- love it!) to minister, God-willing, to some precious, beloved sisters. I was actually thankful that I got to use what devestated my heart to repair someone else's. I am taking confidence in the fact that the junk that I have been through is not 'junk' at all but treasure.

Thank you Lord for allowing junk in my life, so you could turn it into treasure. God flipped my heart and I love it! Amen!


Lesly said...

Amen!That's exactly how he desires us to minister. Its your testimony to share! Such a blessing to be a blessing!

Ashley S. said...

Your trials have ALWAYS brought glory to God, and I knew that you would/will have so many opportunities to minister to people specifically because of all that you've gone through. God uses you every day! Seriously.