Friday, September 30, 2011

Frugalicous Friday No. 6

What up!
Sweet T- hit it:
I’m back y’all for another Frugalicious Friday! Can I just say that I’m a little excited about my newest find? Well, it’s not MY find. It’s been advertised for a while now, but I’ve just found it at my local Target after weeks of looking for it. Mr.*Clean with Gain scent cleanser.

Now, on to the frugalicious part. Most of the time, you will find these cleansers lined up so pretty on the shelves ready-to-go in their spray bottles. Did you know that when you purchase those cleansers in the prepared spray bottle, you are likely paying for mostly water??? Nearly $3 or more for a mixture of water and a dash of cleanser! But if you go just a tad further down the aisle, you can find the same cleansers in their concentrated form for just a couple of bucks more. So here’s what I’ve been doing for years: I purchased a spray bottle for about $1. I buy the concentrated bottle of cleanser and mix it (myself) with water according to the directions on the back of the bottle. And I have lots of cleanser for a REALLY long time.
An already-prepared spray bottle will get you about 32 ounces of cleanser. The concentrated bottle of cleanser is 40 ounces unprepared. You can do the math (cause I kinda suck at math). It’s an excellent way to save on cleaning products. If a concentrated form is offered, definitely go that route.
It’s a great return on investment!
Happy cleaning everyone!

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