Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just can't wait.

This Sunday I'm going to tell them about how you got to where you are: Heaven. I'm going to tell them as He leads, about you soaring on the wings of eagles. About how you are healed. About how you were healed even though you were terminally ill. I'm going to tell them about the Good News for them. I'm going to tell them about how in one month you had more peace, more joy, more contentment, more humor, more of everything that is good when everything was its worst and your earthly vessel was crumbling and fading away. God constructed a new palace in you while He allowed the other one to be torn down and done away with. They are going to know that there is hope for the loved ones they pray for to know Jesus as their King and their Redeemer. You were redeemed. You are new. You are healed. By His wounds. I love you Dad and I miss you terribly at times. I'm moved to tears over the little things and it's so hard. But with God's power, I will not grow weary. I love you Dad. I love you so much and please know I'm so very glad you made the best decision ever. Please pray for me Dad as I tell the story of your new beginning. Your Daughter, Gillibob.

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Anonymous said...

This is so very very precious. I know he is even more proud of you and watches over you daily. He is never far away. Just still in our hearts and memories. Love you so much. mom