Friday, September 23, 2011

Frugalicious Friday No. 5!

This week it's all about knowing your triggers.

Sorry about last week for being such a flaky frugalista on ya.

Still on the whole dining out Corn-Dog-in-a-Perry's mentality inspired by Sweet T, I have a problem I need to admit. I suffer from ABF Syndrome. When it comes to eating, any meal, I feel I must Always Be Fancy. I can't just do a sandwich when I need to. If I do intake a sandwich, that sandwich needs to be heated most of the time. God has worked on my heart in recent because I did have a sandwich this week and it was kind of glorious. But it was at a friend's house. Why does friend food always taste better?

Knowing that I have this need to put-on-the-dog when it comes to meals helps me to be aware of where I'm most likely to stumble with budgeting. I don't know why I think like a death row inmate about meals. It's a problem that I've learned is sort of a trigger. I've found freedom from it though and have learned I have triggers. So that is what I'm writing about today.

Makeup- always buying that lip gloss on a spur of the moment trip to Walgreens and then you take it home to find out you have yet another tawny/coffee/neutral shade to add to your stockpile? I mean, when the apocalypse comes and it's coming (sarcasm warning) your lips will be fiercely beautiful, but STOP THAT! Take an inventory. No more lip gloss!
No more earrings!
No more boyfriend tees from Targie!
No more monkeys jumping on the bed!
A trigger for me and a lot of other women if they are honest:
Home Decor Beautifying...
Don't let Ross, TJ Maxx, and bargain places fool you: You are still spending money and I'm going to bet you it's on another home decor item you don't need!! I say this out of love: flip flop things around your house for that desired effect. I know, I'm a genius from Obvious-ville, but really employ those tactics you read in the mags or see on HGTV.
It's just like my homeslice told me when I lamented about my fake flower collection at my house: "It's not like Nate Berkus is coming to your house." Yes, he can afford the real thing. Him and Oprah probably go on floral jaunts together through the Parisian countryside on matching mopeds- but we can't right now!!!
I'm going to say something to really polarize the audience of 3 that reads this: Be a Wealthy-Neighborhood-Curb-Fairy. Let me break that down, some neighborhoods I'm not going to name names, Rinco Canch, cannot have garage sales. So those folks put out their nice stuff on the curb. You pick that mess up and reuse it for glory sister!
As one of the smallest home-owners in said neighborhood, it's amazing how well my eyes can work when I want to be a Curb-Fairy. Case in Point:
Mirror I curb-fairy'ed and spray painted along with several thrift store finds:

Stand I curb-fairy'ed and spray painted now serving a purpose:

Am I saying to stop having fun this instant? No. Do I have any position of authority? No. But, I struggle with this stuff. Sometimes you just need to eat a sandwich, use that lip gloss you already have, or do a little home decor scavenger hunt for treasures unseen. Until you can live like no one else!

Another apology about this simple stuff. Consider this a pep talk!


Stacy said...

Love it! Especially when you mention how great your eyes work when you are scoping out the curbs!! Keep it coming, Gillian. It's really kind of sad how much I look forward to this post every week :)

Sweet T said...

If you get a vespa moped, can i ride with you, like, everywhere? We can ride through hill country picking blubonnetts. :)

Ali said...

Call me a Simpleton, call me what you will, but this is my favorite Frugalicious yet!