Friday, August 26, 2011

Frugalicious Friday- No. 2!

This here's my buddy bud, Tina from The Vining Family. She's my comrade in all things: fun, sad, happy, glad, sassy, gassy, classy, fashion, dreckitude, pottytraining, lil' kid drama, and so on and so forth! We can window shop like it's hot all day long and you would not believe the stuff we've seen at a thrift store... I need to round this up as there is really no end... So here's her family's story of financial freedom!

Hey y’all! My name is Tina, and I’m delighted that Gillian has asked me to share postings from time to time on Frugalicious Fridays. My husband and I have been married for nearly 13 years, and 5 years ago, God gave us a most precious miracle, our daughter. Before I get to share some of my frugalicious tidbits on this blog, I thought I’d share my and my husband’s financial struggles and freedoms. Here we go:
When Cory and I married, we both brought debt into the marriage with us… the usual car payment, truck payment, and credit cards. Never did it occur to us that debt was a bad thing. Buy something, and you can pay for it later. Instant gratification! If there was a store out there I frequented, I had their store card. Even a couple of catalog cards. We’d been blinded by the shiny stack of credit cards that peered at us in our wallets—something that society had taught us was sort of a status symbol. Twisted, I know. Then, the inevitable happened. It all caught up with us. We worked second jobs to pay down some of our debt. We were in a somewhat better place, but weren’t out of the woods. Enter, Dave Ramsey and The Total Money Makeover. Changed. Our. Lives. See, we’d spent years paying the “stupid tax” of our own decisions and consequently we would end up paying for those decisions for years and years if we didn’t change our way of living.
Proverbs 22:7 “…the borrower is slave to the lender.”

This post is complete honesty. It hasn’t been the prettiest of roses. (Even Bret Michaels taught us about those thorns.) We worked our tails off to pay down our debt. It was a slow process, and there were times when we got a major “F” in budgeting. But we were determined to the take the “F” out of our “failure” and instead put it back in “freedom”! With God’s guidance and provision we’d been awakened to the feeling of no longer wanting to be a slave to the lender. And here we are today-- NO CREDIT CARDS! With the exception of my reliable vehicle (I do travel a lot with my kiddo) and our house, if we don’t have the cash to pay for it, then we don’t buy it. We don’t live beyond our means. Weird??? Maybe according to worldy standards. Budget? Some would say, “what’s that?” Making our money work for us? “HUH???” Praise be to God for these life lessons!!! It’s cool to “live like no one else”!

Now, does this make me an expert on being frugal? No. But I sure do like to save money any.where.I.can. Will everything I share be a light bulb moment for everyone? No, some things you may already know and be like “duh”. Can this occasional posting provide motivation for others to find frugal living to be fun? I hope so. Do I like asking and answering my own questions? Apparently, yes.
Soooo, thanks to Gillian for asking me to contribute to her fabulous blog! Happy frugalicious living everyone!

Next week we're throwing some tips in your face. Tips that you can use (or look down upon) shamelessly!


Lesly said...

So exciting! I'm loving frugalicious Friday! I love living like no one else!!

Unknown said...

Totally agree with Lesly!
And Tina, you are a brave woman for opening up and helping us all out! Jon and I totally are with you on the debt acquiring aspect and then working soo hard to pay it off. Which we are sooo close! I too love shopping, clearance that is lol But I must say, I cannot rid myself of all credit cards... those that give me additional discounts when I do shop are necessity to saving even more. However, it is those cards that I immediately come home and pay off exactly what I spent so there is never a balance.
I like to consider myself "thrifty" and all my wonderful friends as well! Without our likeness, how would we ever have fun without denting our pockets to the point we could not mend it?!
Thanks for sharing!! <3

Jessica said...

That was Jessica commenting, btw, with my challenging computer skills LOL

The Vining Family said...

Thank you Gillian for your kind words. Gush gush right backatcha! I really went to the comment page to see what folks wrote, but then I had to comment because the word verification on the side was "schmop pop". I'm thinking that might be the new name for my soda beverage on the days I'm being "schlubby".

The Nichols Fam said...

I'm thinking a step by step envelope wallet tip is in order for next week. Envelopes can be fashionable! And way to rock it out Tina. I love telling cashiers, "NO WE DON'T NEED A CREDIT CARD WE ARE ON DAVE RAMSEY!!" And then showing them my envelope system. They are always taken aback.