Wednesday, June 22, 2011

World Rocked.

Last week stunk majorly.
"Stunk" is not adequate to describe the soul-hurts that happened to loved ones last week. So many losses and sadness.

My world got rocked. My little bubble of target, popcorn, and what I thought was sadness got shook up and new priorities got thrown into the mix.

God took some special people home from people I love. He knows best and I'm so thankful they are in the best place, the Kingdom. I can't go into all the details, but at one point, usually when I was driving, my 2 pairs of glasses (yes, I wear 2 at once because I'm that cool) would get fogged up with tears as I would shout in my heart, "Lord your Kingdom come!" That happened several times this past week and weekend. At one point, as I was heart-crying out for one of my sisterfriends, "Lord, not her! Why her!?" I really felt the Lord say to my heart: "Now she will have that much more to speak with me about." I don't know why, but it comforted me. I didn't see anything but goodness in those words.

There is a new daddy with the Daddy in Heaven now. Sadly, it's one of my dearest friend's. Do we say 'sadly' even if it was a graduation into the Kingdom? Yes and no. That's the whole balance and error type thinking of this world, right? It's unnatural and hard, but I will trust You and will continue to pray for my loved ones to feel Your presence and to have Your strength daily.

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Lesly said...

Thank you sweet friend for grieving with me. Thank you for praying and crying with me. One day at a time.