Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taking A Stand

I have to say it. I am disgusted by the hyper-sexualization of our little girls. As displayed today in clothing options for them

(swimsuit sold at Academy for a SEVEN YEAR OLD by O'Neill), tv show options (J. Lo shaking her stuff on American Idol finale anyone?), movies (that just spell out the title plain as day SEX in the City, Kick-A**), books and magazines listing all the previous as "trends". It makes me sick. I know I'm not new in this viewpoint. I'm just so very sad and assaulted by it that I have to mention it: STOP ATTACKING OUR GIRLS!
One of my very best friends on the earth and, who as God would have it also has a soon to be 5 yr old, I were shopping for swimsuits for our girls today when we saw the above atrocity. You may see that and think what is the big deal? Here's the big deal:
-Put that on your seven year old daughter. Your niece. Your granddaughter. Would you be comfortable taking them to the splashpad or waterpark in that? Still not understanding?
-Think about the girl that can't fit into that, so she's going to start dieting to fit into in time for the next event. And so an eating disorder begins.
-Think about the little girl who sees that and rationalizes that it must be okay because it's displayed front and center above the other options in a store where her best friends shop.
-And if that doesn't do it, think about the little boys who are watching. Think about the not-so-little boys.
Doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but maybe the truth shouldn't.
This is our world. Thank God we are "not of it". But would you please take a stand with me and at least voice your opinion to people with power: store managers, buyers, corporate offices, swimsuit designers, etc. And mostly to your daughters!!! You look beautiful! You are lovely!
Completely aware of the fact I just soapboxed, lectured, vented, and threw up my morals and beliefs on you. If enough of us do, then maybe this will not be a "trend".


Mindee said...

I completely agree. My frustration goes a step further. I'm sick of the hyper-sexualization of females in general. I don't think any female needs to wear a string bikini. Period.

The Smiths said...


The Vining Family said...

It was sickening!