Friday, June 3, 2011

Some "Afters" Around the Nichols Cottage...

NO, really we have a sign outside our door that says: "The Nichols Cottage". Made with something I found at KCM.

So we took care of that pesky say-nothing wall which is kind of the first little 'hello' you see as you enter into our home...


John was a MAJOR help with this. Now we just need to add the pictures and it will be complete.
Oh and new curtains! I am in love with their Froot Loopyness.

I did some scrounging for some finds at Katy Christian Ministries resale store. No need to scrounge really, cute things abound there! Like my new mantel topiaries and new fireplace screen thingy.

And I've been mentally crafting this project for a while. It's our little family tree. Also made with some fireplace or umbrella holder thingy I spray painted and made some paper flowers for. But the best part is the leaf pics.

Still working on that shower... We did get the insulation though- yay!
Not really sure what inspired this post. Guess it's a little of what's going on with us lately.
What else is happening...
I've started the Praying Daily for my Husband for the entire month of June Challenge! Day 3- oops need to pray right now! I'm going off of Stormie Omartian's book, Power of a Praying Wife.
And another self-imposed challenge: reading a book a week. I know I'm sick. No really, I'm sick I have a crazy stomach infection I got loads of meds for yesterday. The GI said it was something I ate probably on that vacay where I talked all about the food I was going to eat... Irony. It's a part of my life daily. Like when I left my kid on a bench in a small, contained bookstore only to hear a grown man meowing in a corner nearby her. THE ONE TIME I LEAVE HER BY HERSELF A CRAZY PERSON IS LURKING ABOUT MEOWING. Thank God for that hedge right?

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