Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Something Real Day Four...

In regards to general appearance and or accessorizing...
Un-Brag Day 4: I'm so cool I can wear 2 glasses at one time. I can drive AND shoot guns simultaneously (especially since I'm Texan). I like to wear welding glasses for fashion. The real story: I've had 10 eye surgeries (oops I just real bragged)- lay off! Everyone laughs at first and then once they try them on the laughing stops and then they want a pair. A smaller pair.
I got these bad boys at the Low Vision Center at University of Houston. That was a fun day. Let's take you outside to see how bad you squint. Oh yeah, you squint a lot you must be extremely light sensitive. ReallY!!?!?! Are those medical findings!?!?! I have stupid cataracts and ectopia lentis silly face!!! It's like taking a snowman to a hot coal walk. Come on!!!
That visit was $300 and I was supposed to be borrowing those glasses, but I think it worked out pretty well... But yeah, I wear my BDG's over my prescription glasses when I'm outside and I don't care what people think. Thanks to pioneers like Rachel Zoe, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie I'm in style!!

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