Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'Flush'back- My Most Favorite Post. Ever!

Hopefully someone gets the title.

Tonight I solo-took Leelah (along with the Vining's and Berkman's) for her very FIRST SKATING TRIP at Mason Road Skating Center, aka: TweenTown U.S.A. Holy Roller Skate- that place was PACKED LIKE A SARDINE CAN with a whole mess of dance rap & Lady "Bogo" - Gaga but that's what Leelah calls her, neon-colored clothes, too-short short wearin' tweenagers. I didn't know if I was team Edward, team Jacob or team Cellulite! It boggled my mind.

Leelah did herself a bit of alright. Now we're a klutz family. We've got the bruises to prove it. All 3 of us are just one, big, accident prone mess. There were 3 main injuries tonight. Stick with me, because this. is. hilarious.

Took place while Leelah was just sitting waiting on me to get skates. Some Tweeny accidentally jacks L in the head while skating up the ramp with her bird-skinny arms. She was Okay though.

While in the middle of the rink- the land of the skate-walkers- Leelah fell flat with her chest on her walker. Major crying eruption. So I skate her to the bathroom. BIG MISTAKE.

Never, ever wear skates to the bathroom with a child also wearing skates. So we get in the stall so I can have a look at her and make sure we don't have to go to the ER for internal bleeding. Then I realize I have to use the facilities. At which point I tell Leelah to move ever so slightly in a stall that is no joke the size of an airplane restroom, what happens? She moves, slips and her entire right arm goes into the thankfully un-used toilet. I'm talking up to the armpit down in the hole. SCREAMFEST 2010 ENSUES. "YUCKY, YUCKY, YUCKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, EWW EW EWWWWW!!!!" At this point I'm laughing out of sheer terror. Tina is outside the door, like an angel protecting us. We manage to skate out, and practically bathe ourselves in the sink. Leelah was dubbed, "Leelah "The Snake" Nichols" by Cory (Tina's husband).



Erin and Jens said...

Can't stop laughing. Props to Cory for the nickname. Sorry for L.

Tina said...

Awesome memory!