Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with the Nichols Fam

Favorite parts of Easter 2011 in crazy, nonsensical order because that's our style:

I love this girl.

Helps to have a handy daddy.

You better believe we saw African Cats this weekend. Do you know my kid? Lions are her clinical obsession. It was terrific!! Ain't gonna lie I was more interested in the Cheetah mom than the other animals! It was all about the love of a mother. And animal movies always make me think, "Dang. Animal life is hard." And watching God's handiwork just reaffirmed in my mind what an amazing scientist He is. Scoff all you want, that is my opinion.

We do not have a DLSR and we are doing okay. Really.

That crazy EB hid Leelah's basket in a tree this year!

Pretty much what I've been waiting for all my life: watching my kid play with her cousin- we love you Ryan!

If you can't read her shirt the blue bunny is saying "My butt hurts." The pink bunny is saying, "What?" Love it. Yes, I realize it can be a little vulgar. But it just cracks me up. Thank you Zenia of Modish- your stuff is great!!

Oh and we got some new mulch. That's pretty much the most exciting sentence of all time without exception or hyperbole usage. Kind of makes me want to chant out loud: NEW MULCH! NEW MULCH! NEW MULCH! It made my car smell all bbq-ey.

My most favorite part of Easter- Jesus filling the gap with His light. I totally point and shot this coming home from seeing fam on Easter Sunday.
Thank you Jesus for these moments and for your sacrifice.

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