Monday, April 11, 2011

Eye Think Not.

No surgery needed for now! Sigh of relief. Stinky part- I have to "tough it out". It being the pain caused from the suture that is holding my eye and lens together. If that bad boy has anything happen to it (i.e. surgery) that would mean replacing the lens, the lens ring- holder upper, the sutures, etc. That painful suture is the keystone of the eye and if mama stitch ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! I kept asking Dr. H trying to understand long term scenarios and whatnot (you can ask all you want there they are REALLY caring and superb docs) and finally I said, "You can see my trepidation (big word of the day)." To which he smartly replied, "You can see mine!! I don't want to go back in there!!"

I return in a week after some anti-inflammatory drops treatment to hopefully take down that inflammation in the eye. Oh and I had a cute little stitch removed from August that was poking around in the right eye. Just for fun.

I've slowly been shepherded to the realization that it scares the everlovin' be-somethins' outta the docs to operate on my eyes. It's kind of uncharted territory. So I respect what my surgeon says. A respect that has been earned by his many attempts to get my vision stable and from his commitment to my care. And I've been humbled throughout this journey. Which is always good I guess although I do grumble when I'm being humbled.

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