Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Funny Thoughts in an MRI tube...

This is my FB status today after my MRI w/contrast of my back:
Thoughts during my date with Mr.I today:1. Wow, I'm so futuristic right now in this MRI tube- would it look like this if I were being cryo-frozen? 2. If I have to choose having coffee breath or having friends, I'd choose the coffee breath. 3. Don't fall asleep and twitch!! 4. What's for dinner? 5. What's for lunch? 6. What's for breakfast tomorrow? 6. You know, having an MRI is kind of like going to the spa.

It's a good thing God gave us senses of humor. Or is that sense of humors? I'm sheepish over my grammar now.

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Mindee said...

Actually, I believe it is singular: a sense of humor. No matter how you say it, you've got it!