Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ahhh Snap!!!

No really, snap is right. I think I might have snapped my ligament where my hip and thigh meet- anguinal?. It happened Tuesday after Bible Study as I bent down in a squat to put something under the sink- SNAP!!! I felt the part that was one become two and it hurt- BAD. Oh and guess what, it was the LEFT LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's the other leg. So now, both legs are toe' up! I have an MRI listed as stat of both hips MOnday. It was supposed to be yesterday, but Texas is freaking out with this storm and the blackouts are a rollin' and they didn't want me to end up stuck in an MRI tube and the power go off. WHich you KNOW would happen to me, for sure. So. I got new medicine to try. I got a crazy penguin walk happening, and I'm honestly in shock. I go see a new ('Baylo' Clinic) orthopedic surgeon first thing Monday and he will read the MRI's at the end of the day. Until then, I am laid up. Which is fine, I get to read and eat my 2 favorite things.

Will update with more info on Gimpgate.


Anonymous said...

Oh friend, I'm so sorry about this, but I know your hope is in the Lord and only he can comfort you adn love on you the way you need to be. Love you friend and praying.

Jon said...

Good time to watch movies on netflix too. Im certain there are some good ones you havent seen yet.

The Nichols Fam said...

Ones we've watched: The Right Stuff, Dark Side of the Moon (lame!), and we're beginning season 1 of the original Star Trek series. Good stuff.