Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fusion and sailboats.

Yesterday at the grand ol' "Baylo Clinic" the Pops (Father in Love) and I wheeled up to meet the new orthopedic. I think he's number 6 or 7, I've lost count. Good news is he is going to be the guy for me to round out the DOCTOR TEAM to treat my connective tissue issues.
You need a Rheumatologist (freaky, deaky weird stuff docs)- Dr. Bhanusali LOVE HER. I love her! Did I mention that I love her?.
You need an Orthopedic Surgeon, for when you need a joint replacement/hip replacement and I will he says in the not too distant future (I'm thinking at around 40 or so)- Dr. Harrington he says he uses "power tools in surgery!", and you need a A Primary Care Doc (you know for your booger control, i.e. sinuses)- Dr. Chen.
You need an Opthmalogic Team: Dr. Lewis, Dr. Hammil, Dr. Yeu, etc. Baylor Eye Clinic. The best.
So PRAISE the Lord I got them locked down. So the DOCTOR TEAM is complete! I know they are all simultaneously high fiving each other as I speak. GO DOCTOR TEAM!

Oh and did I mention that I'm in HORRENDOUS PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have ever read any of my posts you know I'm hip on the whole Phil. 2:14 "Do everything without grumbling or arguing." Or at least I try. But the pain is now getting all Chuck Norris on my body. The worst is at night. I have retreated back to using Tylenol PM and muscle relaxers.

So I had hip xrays done at the orthopedic's. They were nasty. I screamed and cried and screamed again. My poor Pop had to hold me in position and cheer me on. Thank you Pop. Love ya. And guess what, THEY SHOWED SOMETHIN'!! What, a result? Me? They showed the bones are fusing. Fusion. As in, my bones are growing together. What the whaty what what?!? That's not appropriate! My Sacrum (sp?) is fused to my iliac (sp?) spine bone fused to pelvis bone- and let's not forget there's a crazy "nerve nexus" up in there getting all bent out of shape. It's happening on the right side.

Possible diagnosis: Anklyosing Spondylitis (when your back bones start a fusin' to your pelvis bones!) So I got a cute little handout with good looking people water-skiing and sailing, called, "ANKLYOSING SPONDYLITIS: AN OVERVIEW". Awesome! Why is it that people with crazy diseases are the only ones that are extremely active in life? Where's my sailboat?

Today I had a lower back MRI w/contrast- i.e. let's juice you up in an IV while you're in a tube time. It was fun. Monday I had the hips re-MRI'ed since the results are so confusing.

No results yet. I'm good guys, really. It's like that lame dude those people sent through the roof down to Jesus to be healed. He healed him spiritually first! Spiritually healed. Physical healing is a bonus. Meanwhile, I'm back to being besties with my wheelchair and contemplating decorating her in some fashion. She needs a horn for real.

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Jon said...

Like I was saying on facebook, fusion doesnt make much sense just because you shouldnt be in that kind of pain from a SI fusion. Now a wearing down of the cartilage causing them to grate and stretching ligaments a little further than they are willing to go...that sounds more up your alley. I am curious as to what the MRI will show. as I'm sure you've noticed from looking at your impressive stack of various imaging films, MRI provides a much clearer and more accurate picture than old school X-Ray.