Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our 2000top10

Would I do it again?
Why don't I peruse,
what was for us, news:

1. It was the year of the eyes for me. 4 surgeries to correct my lens dislocation in the left and just one in the right! I'm proud to say that the Lord's done an amazing work on my sight! So glad I can see, all that HE has done for me.
That concludes my rhyming schemes.

2. John got the chance to be lead package engineer for his project! John, do you mind if I brag + blog = "brog" on you?

3. Leelah got to sing in front of the church with her WAM Jr. choir. This was a much treasured moment we won't soon forget.

4. MAYO CLINIC!!! We came. We saw. We got blood drawn. Not John, just me. And after 30 years of not knowing why my eyes were, um special?, I now can say I have some "Darned if I know disease!" (thanks Dr. Hamill!) that affects my connective tissues! No, I didn't get that on a t-shirt. I'm considering it, "I went to Mayo and cried and almost got snowed in and all I got was a connective tissue disease diagnosis and this tshirt!" We did make a pretty flippin' sweet little doctormentary though...

5. The Titus Project- our church's mentor program became a reality!! I am so very thankful for our precious mentor and for our sweet group. God knew what He was doing and it worked out so well!

6. We tried some crepes for the first time ever. We didn't like them.

7. We totally did it up Cajun style at New Orleans with some of our most favorite people, The Vinings! One day post eye surgery I might add. Which for me is like saying, one day after shopping at HEB. It's a frequent occurence is what I'm sayin!

8. We got to go to the North Pole via the Polar Express with the fam. It was magical to hear Leelah ask, "Why isn't there snow here!?"

9. We got to meet a lot of new little blessings born to this world! I would list them all, but for fear of omitting one I'll just say, "We love you Baby Class of 2010!"

10. We've learned new lessons in compassion and patience from my not being able to walk for almost 6 mos. The lessons learned through these trials are what life is all about! I'm thankful for them and I'm thankful for our many friends that have been there for us- you know who you are and to us you are the light of Jesus!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! I just know that 2011 is going to be even better! Blessings!

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