Friday, January 7, 2011

"Rheumor" has it...

Today was my much anticipated visit to see the neuro at the Parkinsons Disease & Movement Disorders Clinic at Baylor, phew! It went well. Dr. Shahed was obviously brilliant with the bonus of a sweet bedside manner (thanks Jon- she was really just as you described!) and I felt as if I were being seen by the best in that niche of neurology. She said that while I definitely had neurological symptoms- tingling, slight nerve damage, brisk reflexes, that those were symptoms not the source. Meaning something non-neurological is causing neuro things. Which is good news that it is not neurological! She also gave me new muscle relaxers which shouldn't affect my vision so badly like the one I'm taking which has caused so much improvement, but messes with my CNS (central nervous system). So this should help further relieve the spasms.
She recommended I go see a rheumatologist and was SHOCKED that I hadn't seen one already b/c they treat weirdos- I mean- people with connective tissue disorders and especially hard to diagnose stuff. She gave me a referral to Baylor College of Medicine's rheumatology dept. What is a rheumatologist?
I called and the soonest they could get me in was Feb. 28th- to which I cried. I've heard it can take as long as 4 months to get into one so that is actually not bad, but it is bad because that will have been 7 months of not walking!!!
Fast forward to this afternoon, I got a call from the nurse who said they could work me in for this Monday morning! Whoop!!! Thank you Lord Jesus! Big deal.
So, thank you for your prayers! This is hopefully going to be the last stop on the medical crazy train for us. God willing.
Many blessings came out of today. Great news that my brain/spinal cord is not at the cause of this. Now on to what is!

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Jon said...

I could have told you you wouldnt actually have to wait 4 months. The way that electronic scheduling works (same system as the electronic medical records...called "Epic" as in Epic Fail) is kind of like being on Standby for a flight at the airport. They put you on a little wait list and the next time someone cancels (which they invariably do) you get asked if you want that slot. Anyway keep me posted and let me know how it goes.