Friday, August 20, 2010

Week of Madness Review

Let's 'breakdown' a week in the house of Nichols shall we?
Monday- Day of Armageddon- what you didn't hear about that? Well, it was.
Go to Dr. Petak- well actually his NP Cindy- to get more blood drawn for what they think is a disease causing all of my problems and low bone density. They said I need an echocardiogram done to rule out Marfan Syndrome once and for all. I found out that this Dr. Petak is one of 4 "world experts" who deal with the freak 29yr olds with hip fractures and Osteopenia. I also get a fun jug to take home so I can do a 24 hr urine test. WORST. TEST. EVER. The smell. People. Imagine, me crutching all over the house b/c yeah this stupid mondo-jug-o'-pee has to be refrigerated, -- here let me give you a fun description: CRUTCH, SLOSH, CRUTCH, SLOSH....
Anyways, I'm getting a ahead of myself here... But Pop and I did have the best freebirds lunch ever. I use hyperboles. Sue me.
Mon. afternoon
Leelah got to go to a Katy High School Cheerleading and Dance clinic with her buds Rebecca and Ryleigh. See the cuteness-

Leelah said she didn't like it. But I know she had a ball hamming it up for the cheerleaders. Thanks to my homeslice TIna for the pics. She is kind of my hero. I would have gotten pics of the actual performance but I STOOD (in sandals) IN A PILE OF ANTS AND WAS BUSY CRYING ON JOHN ON CRUTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Started the ghastly urine test. Can I tell you I hated it and was traumatized. For the reals.
Went to Dr. Whiteley because I got a sinus infection and my throat was so swollen I couldn't talk, eat, sleep, etc. Got some Avelox- PRAISE- and a steroid shot - PRAISE! John stayed home to help his gimp wife out. And you can bet I lounged and gasped for air all day. Totally felt like Barbara Hershey in Beaches at the end. Fun!
I vaguely remember this day. OH yes! I got to drive for the first time since my eye surgery. It went well, but it does hurt my hip somewhat. But I was not letting anyone or obstacle stand in my way of delivering the monster jug of pee that day. MONSTER JUG!!!!!!!!! I apologized profusely to the lab for its contents. Disgursting. No I didn't misspell that.
Oh and Leelah was in her pj's until 5 o'clock that day.
Got an echocardiogram and a visit with the cardiologist- Thank you Mindee and William for the ride! And praise the Lord for my smart friends! I got the hookup let me tell you! I have a sweet friend whom I LOVE- Becky and she performed the ecg. The doc said my heart looks great!! Praise! BUT he does think I have a variant of Marfan Syndrome due to my dislocated lenses, hyperflexibility, long limbs, etc. Just in case you are interested:
This MIGHT explain why I have a broken hip. Might. He told me that he believes the heart problems are "incubating" - what so now I'm on X-Files? Great. But I thought the news was good. And hey, wouldn't it be funny if it all went together finally? OH and we had a super yummy lunch at Pronto in City Centre. So good and great prices! When it comes to restaurants in Houston/Katy, I think I'm omniscient. Only about restaurants. I so wish I could be food critic. But I hate creamy white sauces. It would never work.
Splashpad with friends!! Yay!!! Normalcy!!! Maybe hit up the ol' HEB Plus in the scooter- what, what!?
Next week:
We meet Dr. Petak. He will have gotten my pee test results, blood results, and hopefully we can figure out why a 29 yr old has low bone density and a broken hip. God willing of course!:)

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