Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Choosin' Joy!~

So I have these hip friends, Jami and Felina, who came up with a fun business known as "Word Junkee". Words and me go way back. Chances are if your vocab is extensive and straight up capacious, we're friends. I digress! So Word Junkee has these cute "Swagger Taggs" which hold your carpool signs in your car. Since I am homeschooling this year, I've decided to put my own 'spin' on using my tagg. I scored one this Saturday at the Mommy Expo and I've been using it, God willing, to witness. So when people see this:

and see me sportin' my wheelchair while holding onto my crutches and wearing my "BDG's" (Big Dumb Glasses that are my sunglasses over my real glasses) on account of the googly eye issues, people will know that I:

It goes without saying that I am not a photographer.
There I go using pleonasms and being all redundant!
And I do by the way swag up my wheelchair! See for yourself. Okay so the wheelchair is currently indisposed in my trunk and too dang heavy to get out.

That's how I roll.
So check out "Word Junkee" on Facebook!


Kendra Krezanosky said...

You make me smile Gillian!

Lesly said...

Ha ha ha!!! Love it! And love you friend!!

Annette James said...

what would we do with out you? what kind of place would this be? I just don't want to know! Love ya!

Tina said...

Love the 'Paint' self-portrait! And love you bunches!

Ashley S. said...

MICROSOFT PAINT PICTURE!!! I miss those! Thanks for bringing it back!