Friday, August 13, 2010

The News...

Thank you for your precious prayers that were felt today and last night. THank you!
We just got home- Leelah, Pop, and I about an hr ago from a day at the Retina docs and lunch.
After visiting with 2 vitreous docs and having a flourescent injection to detect the bloodflow of my retina (why do I always have to have injections!?) they have determined that the cloud I've been seeing constantly in the right is in fact called, Light Toxicity. Permanent damage caused by light through the microscope from my 2 hr surgery last week. The bummer is that it's permanent and I have to get used to seeing around a cloud in the central-lower part of my right eye. The good news is that it is not a stroke as they first told me yesterday and this morning. Thank God for such fast results!! And for clear results! And for a doctor that had heard of it before as, of course, it's extremely uncommon. Your prayers help and are felt!!:)
God is so good in shepherding me through this with his love and care. I'm already adapting to seeing around it and coming to terms with the situation. I mean, what else can I do!?
More God-good news is that my left eye is stable after 2 years of surgeries and I can now see 20-40w/glasses! Praise! They said it's almost impossible after having endopthalmitis to even keep the eye let alone see. God is so good my dear friends.
I also found out today I have Osteopenia- probably misspelled. It's not Osteoporosis, but almost. My bones are weak. I go see the bone specialist on Monday. Maybe I'll get to see a full-out skeleton or something cool. So more praise there in me not having full-blown Osteoporosis!

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Leigh said...

Gillian thinking of you and wishing I could give you a big hug. love you