Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ah, "Screw" It.

Sorry I know the title is crass. John made me do it!

This weekend I slipped and tripped up the ol' hip. A hip trip slip.

Tomorrow I go to a new hip guy- loved the old one, but alas he doesn't do screws. So this is a good step/wheeling in the right direction!

Thursday, Pop Leelah and I will see Dr. Petak- hormone/bone disease guy and then Dr. Hamill- eye surgeon. Eyes are doing great! Praise!!! I can only see with glasses. W/o is not happening. But this is good!

Meanwhile, I'm feelin' the love more than the pain from Jesus through friends and family in so many ways.

God is good!

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Leigh said...

Love the title! And love that you are feeling the love more than the pain. Hang in their Gillian! Enjoy Leelah's beautiful smile today!