Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Screwtape Letters

Today I met a new orthopedic surgeon. Since the other one I was seeing doesn't put in screws. The news I got was that the type of fracture I have is on the compression side of the femoral neck. Aka the "wait and see" side. However, he did say I have some kind of joint-itis in my back/hip area. What are they going to do to fix that you bravely ask?
You didn't think I'd be exempt from having another random injection where there is no sunlight did you?
But the good news is that that should cancel out the back pain. Of course that doc is on vacation. Must be nice to have those!!! I wonder, does he drink tropical drinks through a hyperdermic needle? No, it's cool. I'm thankful to go this shot deal next week.
In 2 weeks I return to get an MRI of what is going on with the hip. Meanwhile, I'm wheeling it up. Oh and I've already had a "Mac and Me" moment. You remember that 80's gem right? The Poor Man's E.T.?

Tomorrow I go to Dr. Petak to find out "What up with that?!" and Dr. Hamill.

OH and my super cool friend Mindee is letting me borrow her MacBook and I'm writing with it on my bed! I feel like I'm a journalist in a movie!!! Or some kind of new age Doogie Howser!!!

OH and JOhn and I saw Inception this weekend and it was so fun. I haven't had to think that hard since Finance class. But this was fun-thinking and didn't make me weep out loud like Finance...

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