Thursday, July 15, 2010

I should be cleaning.

Update: THeir names were changed by them to Rose and Daisy! I like those better actually. :)
Tomorrow our second set of Chinese students, Mandy and Andrea, arrive. I'm beyond excited. Leelah is too and John, is well so sweet for opening up his life for strangers. These will not be strangers. They are our new family members that we are showing what it means to have fun in the name of the Lord!

Did you know there isn't a word for fun in the Chinese language? The only word that comes close is "interesting". I've been reading The Discovery of Genesis which has been fascinating. Check it out. It's about the Chinese written language carrying ties from the ancient times that shows how their civilization once was monotheistic. I can't divulge too much further as I'm only on the 3rd or 4th chapter. Hey, I read a lot or try to.

This journey of having these students come was almost thwarted by fear. Fear that I would not be able to give fully of myself to the project due to my vision loss. But God is good and is working through me, so what's there to fear?

The Chinese American Exchange Program is put on by our church and this is the 3rd year. The students will stay for 3 weeks in our home. And we will hopefully do our best to show them the love of Jesus in all we do. I'm praying the Lord will use my eye-drama as a witness.

We had such a great time with Anne and Maria last year. They were the bee's knees! We can hardly wait for the new girls to arrive.

I'll be seeing my eye surgeon next week to determine when they will begin workingon the right eye. I got my new glasses- with the left eye's prescription and now a blank lens in the right. I get horrible eye-strain headaches everyday from the crazy un-focusing that is taking place because of the right eye's lens dislocation and cataract.

With all this and that, Leelah is growing up. She will be 4 years old next week. She is my sweet, sweet darling.

Well like I said, I should be cleaning up the girls' room...

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