Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 score and 4 years ago!

Leelah Jo was born! Thank you Lord for our precious joy! She is the bee's knees, cat's pj's, the cherry on the sundae and the sprinkles. What a gift.
Fun facts about Leelah:
Her fave color is: dark blue
Her fave food: mac n cheese
Her fave movie: Barney goes to the Zoo
Her fave Bible Story: Daniel in the lion's den
Her fave animal: Lion
Her fave book: Sleeping Beauty book
She is a sun sneezer, a gift giver, she can write her name and the entire alphabet, she LOVES science, she is afraid of the Big Show at our church but loves superheroes, she chooses superheroes over princesses, and she loves to sing! I love to listen. She's crazy for books and animals. She's not big on crowds. The Lion is her personality type. She thinks our Chinese students, Rose and Daisy, have the "most beautiful hair she's ever seen." She LOVES the Lord and talking about Him.

Leelah, you have testified to the Lord's mighty power since you were in utero. I carried you on bed rest for 4 months. After being told there was a possibility I'd lose you at 22 weeks due to some, er structural insuffiencies:), you kicked a fit right then and there. That was all the proof we needed- that you were there to say. Even though your mommy wasn't fully walking with Jesus at the time and although you were in the womb, it seemed as if God had you in the palm of His hands since day one. I guess you could say your, to me, miraculous birth made a true Believer out of me. Even when you had just turned 3 you would remind me to pray. You pray for others. You are a light. My prayer is that your fire for the Lord only grows! Your daddy and I are over the moon for you and are so glad God gave us you. Love, Mommy :)


The Smiths said...

Happy Birthday Leelah!

Wendy said...

What a precious, precious girl! Happy 4th birthday!

Anonymous said...

You made me cry. Leelah is a joy!! Happy Birthday to that sweet girl!

Tina said...

Very sweet posting. Leelah is a precious little girl. We love that gal!